Watch This #BlackLivesMatter Protester Get Kicked Off a Live TV Program

Watch This #BlackLivesMatter Protester Get Kicked Off a Live TV Program

Screaming like a lunatic generally isn’t a good way to get your point across, much less endear people to your argument. Yet for some reason, a Black Lives Matter protester decided that was the perfect way to speak out, and ended up getting kicked off of a live TV show.

dr drew

HLN host Dr. Drew threatened to shut down his live television show last night after a #BlackLivesMatter protester began making a scene when a guest trashed her movement.

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When Dr. Drew asked Breitbart reporter Alex Swoyer why the movement was not brought up during the debate, she gave a blunt answer.

“Well, I think that the focus of yesterday’s debate was Hugh Hewitt, who is known to be [big on] foreign policy. I’m sure #BlackLivesMatter –” she began. according to Mediaite.
It was then that a protester in the audience began screaming.

“I don’t care about… foreign policy!” she shouted. “I care about right now.”

While Dr. Drew and his security guards tried to shush the woman, Swoyer continued speaking, pointing out that Michael Brown did NOT have his hands up when police shot him. This only made the crazy protester angrier…

“Everybody, I’m going to shut down this TV show and go to a test pattern unless people behave themselves and behave civilly. I’m not kidding,” Dr. Drew said.

“I’m not kidding,” he repeated. “It’s a live television show, and I will go to a test pattern if I have to.”

Security guards eventually escorted the heckler out of the room.

Maybe if she had behaved like a logical, rational, intelligent adult in control of her emotions she might have been able to debate her point… whatever it was. But then, Black Lives Matter protesters aren’t exactly known for their logic, rationality, and intelligence, are they?

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