America’s Favorite Sheriff Just DESTROYED Hillary Over Race Card…

America’s Favorite Sheriff Just DESTROYED Hillary Over Race Card…

Sheriff David Clarke has a history of thrashing liberals with class. This is no different and just as epic.

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From The Political Insider:

America’s favorite Sheriff, Milwaukee County’s own David Clarke, slammed Hillary Clinton and her Hollywood friends for trying to portray Donald Trump as a racist.

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Hillary backed up her faux Native American friend, Elizabeth Warren, who went on a tirade by saying Trump built his campaign on ‘racism, sexism, and xenophobia.’

Asked if she agreed, Clinton said “I’m going to let people judge for themselves,” which is Democrat-speak for ‘Why yes, yes he is a racist.’

In addition to that, Hollywood actor and director Rob Reiner recently claimed that everyone who supports Trump themselves must be racist.

Via Fox News Insider:

Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke reacted on Fox and Friends Weekend, saying, “This word gets overused – it hardly has any meaning anymore.”

“You’re a racist. I’m a racist. Everybody’s a racist,” he said.

Sheriff Clarke pointed out that Clinton should perhaps look at her own background, including the history of her party and her past receipt of an award honoring the founder of Planned Parenthood.

“She embraces that award. She embraces the support of an organization that kills more black babies than any other race,” he said.

“Her party has a history of racism. So I’m not going to sit up here and be lectured by Mrs. Bill Clinton, about who is a racist or who is not a racist.”

Do you agree with him?

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