Another hate crime hoax: “whites only” signs at university water fountains posted by black student

Should she be kicked out of school for this hoax?

Sometimes one wonders whether our institutions of higher education actually educate anyone, or if they’re merely centers of indoctrination into cultural Marxism.

The University of Buffalo is a good example. What are they teaching their students that something like this could happen?

An African-American student who hung ‘White Only’ and ‘Black Only’ signs round her university campus has claimed she was doing it for art class.

Students were shocked when they arrived at the University at Buffalo, in New York, to find the racist posters hanging above water fountains and outside bathroom doors.

Ashley Powell has now admitted posting the signs after the Black Student Union (BSU) held a special open meeting to discuss the offensive messages.

But the graduate fine art student insists it was part of an art project and were designed to ‘get a reaction out of people.’

Students were outraged by the signs, with many saying they were provoking racial tensions and segregation. Others claimed they were reminiscent of the hated Jim Crow laws.

The university, which said Powell had not asked for permission from officials before posting the signs, are now investigating the incident alongside police.

‘The University is continuing to review this matter through appropriate university policies and procedures,’ a spokesman told The Spectrum.

A spokesman would not confirm to the whether any action will be taken against the student.

A bit of background…

Police were first alerted to the incident at around 1pm on Wednesday when reports began to come in of ‘White Only’ ‘Black Only’ signs being posted above water fountains in the university’s Clemens Hall.

Chief of Police Gerald Schoenle said officers removed them but within an hour, they were called out again after similar signs  were found outside of bathrooms in Clemens.

Powell, who is black, later claimed she had posted them for her Installation in Urban Spaces class where she was required she make an installation in an urban area.

She has now apologized if the stunt ‘hurt people’ but refused to back down saying ‘I won’t apologize for what I did.’

She won’t apologize because she’s been led to believe that stoking racial tensions is not only acceptable but obligatory in furthering the “social justice” agenda.

And there is very little the “adults” in charge of that university, or very many others, will do to dispel those notions.

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