#BlackLivesMatter: ‘Unapologetically Black’ Flag Replaces American Flag in Chicago [Video]

#BlackLivesMatter: ‘Unapologetically Black’ Flag Replaces American Flag in Chicago [Video]

At the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention in Chicago, the #BlackLivesMatter crowd turned out to make a nuisance of themselves and chant cop hatred. They scaled a flag pole, took down the American flag and raised a flag that said ‘Unapologetically Black.’ The flag didn’t stay up long, but you get the point. Getting rid of the racist cop haters took a lot more doing. They sat down on their butts and wouldn’t move. The police helped them with that though. That was thoughtful of them and kinder than those thugs deserve.

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From TheBlaze:

During Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Chicago Saturday, one protester scaled a flagpole in front of a national police chiefs’ convention, took down the American flag —

— and replaced it with a flag that read “Unapologetically Black,” WLS-TV reported.

The flag was quickly taken down, but removing protesters proved a bit more time consuming.

Most of the 66 arrests came when protesters staged a sit-in in the middle of the street, WLS reported, in order to disrupt the International Association of Chiefs of Police gathering.

More from WLS:

The conference is the largest of its kind nationwide, with over 14,000 public safety officers in attendance. The protest was organized by community organizations calling on police departments nationwide to change the way they engage with communities of color.

“What we’re looking for today is to have our voices heard, to show the coalition of voices, to show that black lives matter, to make our voices heard to this very powerful organization that sets policies,” protester Maria Hadden told the station. “We want less money for policing and more money for community services.”

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy left the gathering to check on things outside, WLS said, then he returned to deliver his remarks.

“We’re in a tough time for policing right now and I believe we’re at a crossroads. I don’t think this climate has ever existed in the history of American policing,” he told the other chiefs. “But at the same time I honestly believe this scrutiny and this environment presents an opportunity for us.”

President Barack Obama will address the conference on Tuesday.

How hypocritical to have Obama speak at the convention when he admittedly supports #BlackLivesMatter and hates cops. We are indeed at a crossroads for police and things may get much, much worse before they ever get better. More violence is popping up all over the place. I don’t see how this presents an opportunity for anyone. Unless you call death an opportunity. Our police are being kept from doing their jobs because of political correctness and that is a recipe for disaster. The cops are not racist and black communities are not being singled out. These thugs want a race war and they want dead cops. Being respectful of their feelings isn’t going to change that.

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