The DEMANDS Of BlackLivesMatter…You Know, Besides Frying Cops Like Bacon…

The DEMANDS Of BlackLivesMatter…You Know, Besides Frying Cops Like Bacon…


1. Reparations for All “Past and Continuing Harms” to the Black Community

Now this has always been a favorite of black activists. Believing that the government should take from our pockets, money to pay for a multiple decade old sin committed by dead people and give it to the black community, to people that were never slaves. Ever.

2. The End of the “War Against Black People”

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The perceived war on black people is like the perceived war on women. It doesn’t exist. Good luck trying to convince them though.

3. Divesting From Law Enforcement & Military, Investing In the Black Community

Should we ask Baltimore how it is now that Cops have been run out of those neighborhoods? Non-stop violence and crime shot through the roof. But sure, let’s defend those that defend…

4. The Restructuring of the Economy to Produce “Economic Justice” for Blacks

The short meaning – a redistribution of wealth. Money for nothing. Sounds like they want to pretend they’re aristocrats and the rest of America are their serfs.

5. Complete Community Control Over Everything

Sorry, but you don’t own your own reservation. It’s cool if you want to centralize your influence closer to your community, but you can’t own your own country… in OUR own country!

6. “Independent Black Political Power”

Nope. Not happening…

BLM and groups like it are always quick to have their ‘list of demands’, as if this was a hostage situation.

It’s not. You fools have no leverage and no power to be making outrageous demands…

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