Detroit Carjacker to Black Bystander: ‘You Good, I Only Rob White People’

Detroit Carjacker to Black Bystander: ‘You Good, I Only Rob White People’

Two men were victims of a violent hate crime last week at the hands of a racist thug — but the races were the exact opposite of the narrative that the media and the #BlackLivesMatter movement has been pushing. No, this racist thug attacked two white men and then told a black man that he didn’t need to worry, because he only robbed white people.

brandon lamar williams

After beating a white victim and trying to steal his car, an armed African American car thief in Detroit reportedly told a black bystander that he didn’t have anything to worry about because, the thief proclaimed, he “only robs white people.”

Detroit Police and federal authorities are charging Brandon Lamar Williams, 24, with a series of crimes including armed robbery for attacking two white men in a Ford Fusion last Tuesday.

Police say that with a gun in each hand Williams accosted the men, beat one of them and broke his nose, stole phones and other electronic items, and also tried to drive off in the pair’s vehicle.

The victims say that Williams actually tried to shoot them but after pulling the trigger at least three times but his guns didn’t fire. Instead of shooting either of them he hit one of the victims in the face with a pistol breaking the victim’s nose.

The criminal then tried to steal the pair’s car. But as Williams tried to put the car in drive he was unable to get it to move because he forgot to disengage the parking brake.

Authorities report that after all this an African American bystander, who initially approached Williams to offer help, found himself staring down the barrel of one of Williams’ guns. But then Williams made to reassure the would be good Samaritan that he was safe.

“You good, I only rob white people,” Williams reportedly told the man, according to the FBI.

But of course, this would never get classified as a hate crime, or this man branded a racist, because the people involved were the wrong races. In the liberal narrative, white people are always the racist aggressors and black people always the innocent victims — to say anything otherwise is near blasphemy.

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