BOOM: Sheriff Clarke UTTERLY DESTROYS Race Baiter Al Sharpton

BOOM: Sheriff Clarke UTTERLY DESTROYS Race Baiter Al Sharpton

The Sheriff does not play around when it comes to drawing the line between right and wrong, and this is no exception. This is what he’s saying about the problem with Al Sharpton…


From BizPac Review:

That Donald Trump isn’t kowtowing to race-baiters like Al Sharpton has Sheriff David Clarke’s seal of approval.

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The Republican presidential front-runner held a “diversity coalition” at New York’s Trump Tower Monday to counter critics who claim he’s racist.

“One of the things that I’m happy to see is that Donald Trump has some outreach” he told Fox News host Neil Cavuto on “Your World” Monday. “I think it’s important, but I wouldn’t go overboard.”

And then the outspoken Milwaukee County sheriff explained what he meant by going “overboard.”

I like that the Sheriff keeps it real and states what he thinks, not what he thinks people want to hear… He should run for President himself…

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