ESPN Says Native Americans Not Smart Enough to be Offended by ‘Redskins’ [VIDEO]

ESPN Says Native Americans Not Smart Enough to be Offended by ‘Redskins’ [VIDEO]

During Thursday’s broadcast of “Around the Horn,” a group of ESPN reporters suggested that the 9 out of 10 Native Americans surveyed in a telling Washington Post poll about the Redskins’ team name, have no idea what they’re even talking about. The outrage is purely another politically correct ploy by the progressive left to silence common sense. Read about how these commentators try to reason that Native Americans, ‘don’t know the history’.


The poll showed that, despite the media’s narrative, Native Americans overwhelmingly don’t care about the issue at all, but Newsbusters pointed out this didn’t seem to make sense to the panel.

“It could just be that others don’t know the history of it and therefore aren’t offended,” noted Israel Gutierrez. “There’s so much history there. Maybe even Native Americans don’t know the history.”

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“Our conversation around race is worse when we reduce people to cartoon characters, as a policy,” added Pablo Torre. “That opens the door to other things but absolutely still stands in this case.”

The moment I treat the progressive ESPN commentators opinions with any weight, is the moment I know I’ve lost my way. These numb-skulls refuse to even believe a statistical poll when it doesn’t pull towards their social justice agenda.

The Red Skins name was in honor and tribute to their first coach, Will “Lone Star” Dietz, a Sioux Indian, “out of respect for Native American heritage and tradition”. This is not a injustice to the Lakota, Kiowa, Cree, Mohawk or any other Native American. The name of the team was honored, and it sill stands, no matter what these pathetic, arrogant, progressive hacks try to force you to believe.

Native Americans don’t know? You sir, are a piece of work.

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