Hateful Race Baitor Makes Sick Threat Against Whites Who Refuse to Pay Slavery Reparations [VIDEO]

Hateful Race Baitor Makes Sick Threat Against Whites Who Refuse to Pay Slavery Reparations [VIDEO]

While the legitimization of Black Lives Matter, a black supremacist “movement,” is tragic for our nation, perhaps the most tragic aspect of modern race relations is the emergence of guilty white liberals who cower from racist blacks and dutifully collaborate with such viciously racist movements as BLM. One such nutjob is making the rounds on YouTube insisting that all white people owe reparations to the black community and that we all share guilt in the enslavement of Africans.


From the Conservative Tribune:

A hateful race activist named Gazi Kodzo uploaded a video to YouTube in late April that showed him and a team of white activists preaching the so-called “gospel of reparations.”

“All white people owe reparations,” one of the white-guilt-afflicted individuals roared at the camera. “If you don’t give it, we coming to take it.”

“Every white person does owe reparations,” argued another, “and that is because we owe that money for the colonial oppression that our ancestors have done to African people … that continues to this day right here in the U.S.”

And sadly, this was not a joke. According to the Uhuru Solidarity Website, which Kodzo mentioned several times throughout the video, he is a “leading member of the African People’s Socialist Party.”

Likewise, the other men featured in the video are some of many white Americans recruited “throughout the U.S. to join the mass movement for ‘White Reparations to African People.’”

Throughout the clip, Kodzo and his followers could repeatedly be heard urging white people to unite with the African liberation movement by visiting the Uhuru website.

The team of race-baiting hucksters also spent quite a bit of time attempting to blame all whites for the poverty, crime and other such issues that plague the contemporary black community.

And in doing so, they ignored the myriads of other minorities in America who have managed to become successful, despite the problems they themselves stumbled upon during the process of immigrating and adjusting to American culture.

Like the professional and academic race-hustlers who run the grievance industry, these fools think that the solution to black people’s problems lie in other folks giving them undeserved freebies, be it in the form of money or whatever.

There is in reality only one true solution to the black community’s dilemmas — and that is for black people to take personal responsibility and start steering both their community and their own personal lives in a more positive direction.

I never owned a slave. I never knew someone who owned a slave. I never knew someone who knew someone who owned a slave. I’m not paying for anything…

Though we should recognize the historical inequalities of yesteryear, I can scarcely think of a more destructive way forward than to continually pick at the open wound of race relations in America. We have reached a point of reversal where “civil rights advocacy” means to advocate for second-class citizenship of whites as a means of wreaking historical vengeance.

This concept might satiate some need for revenge (though not likely), but it will not heal our culture. The only thing that will heal our culture is an effort to work together.

Sadly, people like this twisted nutjob and the black supremacists applauding such ludicrous concepts are only making this problem much, much worse.

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