Maxine Waters: ‘Black People Get Controversial, Play The Race Card!’ [VIDEO]

Maxine Waters: ‘Black People Get Controversial, Play The Race Card!’ [VIDEO]

Maxine Waters has absolutely lost her marbles. We’re talking like a gaping hole at the bottom of a bag that is blowing in a gentle breeze. She is now giving out dangerously useless advice that reduces minorities and black people specifically to nothing more than their skin color, which is something we’ve been trying to avoid doing since the abolition of slavery. At least I thought so, until this moonbat opened her pie-hole.

In a town hall about civil rights held by the Congressional Black Caucus, Waters encouraged members of groups like Black Lives Matter and black people in general to “get controversial” and run for office.

And then she told them to do something that will never, ever help their cause.

She told them to use the race card.

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“Let’s work with people who have the passion and you want to do it and to understand how important it is,” she said. “There are plenty of them in our community but guess what? We don’t associate with them because we think they are too controversial. Black people, you better get controversial. You better be controversial. You had better call it like it is. We have been shut down because others have defined us. When they said to us about 10, 15 years ago, oh, she’s playing the race card. You should say yeah, and I’ve got a lot more I’m going to play.”

Watch the video below:

You can’t rely on the color of your skin to prevent you from facing criticism and questions about your beliefs and your methods of bringing about change. That simply doesn’t fly in America anymore. If a group of white people got together and became politically involved, citing their skin color to shut down arguments about their beliefs and ideas, you’d call that “white privilege” and even “white supremacy.”

There was a time in America where African Americans wanted to be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Why are we letting these people take us back in time to a period that is taught as a cautionary tale?

The race card does nothing for you as a group, as a person or as a cause. It only shows that you are unable to argue your policies as a matter of logic and fact, and resort to meaningless things like skin color as a way to “win” an argument.

Waters, you should be ashamed of yourself for encouraging people you’re supposed to be empowering to rely on their skin color to take them places in the world. I thought we were beyond that as a country, but now I can see that you want to bring it back as long as it benefits you. You’re despicable.

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