Mother Becomes Outraged At Daughters ‘Racist’ Birthday Cake [Pictures]

Mother Becomes Outraged At Daughters ‘Racist’ Birthday Cake [Pictures]

Birthday parties are a highlight of childhood for many parents, with the birthday cake often being the centerpiece of the celebration. So, when the cake doesn’t come out as expected, it’s understandable for there to be disappointment. But one grandmother says that the cake she ordered for her daughter had a racist message written on it.

Ronell Tucker says that she ordered two cakes from a grocery store in Cleveland, Ohio for her six year-old granddaughter’s birthday. One cake came out as expected, but the other, she claims, had a racial slur on it. Her granddaughter’s name, LaMiya, was not written on the cake; instead, it had “LaNiga” written on it.

“I was very upset and angry and it felt like racism to me cause how do you get one cake wrong and one cake right. You had to notice the mistake,” the girl’s mother, Ashley Hayes, said. “That was not right at all and it really upset a lot of people at her party and her,” Tucker said.

Hayes said that the other kids at the party noticed the slur. “All the other kids knew the words and they were like ooh they put that on her cake,” she said. “We were all in shock.”

They called the store to report the cake, but were told it was simply a mistake. “It’s no mistake with a ‘M’ and a ‘N’ and a ‘G’ and a ‘Y.’ It’s no mistaking. It really upset me,” Hayes said. But store manager Burt Saltzman insisted that a mistake is all it was.

“If you look at this ‘M’ could have been an ‘N’ and the ‘Y’ could have been a ‘N’,” he said. “The girl had a bunch of cakes that day.” Still, he apologized regardless and said that the store could have handled the situation “in a better manner.” Ultimately, the family said they were happy with how the situation ultimately was resolved.

Do you think there was a racial slur on the cake?

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