Odessa business owner fires back at Black Lives Matter with this sign

Odessa business owner fires back at Black Lives Matter with this sign

While I don’t personally own a business, I have to imagine that it’s very difficult to own a business in this social climate. People demand to know your political affiliations and if they don’t like your answer, you and your business are drug through the mud.


From BizPac Review:

The Black Lives Matter verses All Lives Matter debate prompted one Texas business to boldly make a statement.

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A sign put up by Wagner Supply Company in Odessa, reads: “2000 years ago, Jesus ended the debate of which lives matter. He died for all!”

Local residents appeared to agree with the message, reported KWES.

“I believe all businesses should put that up. There should be billboards with it up,” said Shannon Bezel, who works nearby. “At home people should be teaching their children that all people are the same, not different. I believe the anger comes from home,” Bezel added.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever read it and I think it’s pretty cool because it’s true,” Odessa resident Adolfo Bustamante said. “Jesus Christ died for all our sins, not just white lives, black lives, brown lives, oriental lives, he died for everybody.”

Residents say the messages on this and previous signs the business has posted make them feel better, according to KWES.

Do you agree with the sign this business posted? I personally don’t understand how it can be deemed at all controversial, except maybe by atheists.

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