Racist Black Mayor Who Calls Cops “Pigs” Now Facing HUGE BLOWBACK

Racist Black Mayor Who Calls Cops “Pigs” Now Facing HUGE BLOWBACK

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This situation became explosive very quickly. And everyone seems to understand exactly why. This type of behavior is deplorable and horrific, especially for someone in office. At least she showed her true colors to her constituents and those who elected her. Turns out they are not okay with this!

According to the union, on Jan. 11th, Clarke walked into Taylor’s Grocery, 610 S.E. 10th St. in East Stuart, where police Officer Ed Fitzgerald was speaking with the store clerk. According to the union, Clarke said, “I didn’t know we were serving pig tonight.”

If that isn’t enough to make your blood curl, wait until you hear her ridiculous apology.

“I am absolutely sorry for what was said and how it was perceived and taken,” she said, also calling her support for police “unwavering.”

She said she uses the term “pig” to refer to meat, not as a derogatory term.

“The words have been said. I use that word when referring to certain meat products. It’s one of those things,” she said at Monday’s commission meeting, as some in the audience groaned. “I hear you, I am telling you. I’m sorry. That’s not the instance that that was used.”

She doesn’t sound very sorry. Does she?? The fact that she tries to cover her tracks and trivialize her statement is disturbing.

Commissioner Troy McDonald was not appeased by the halfhearted apology and spoke out. Saying, “At the same time you were apologizing, you started to try to back off and say, ‘Well I was talking about pork products’ or ‘meat products,’ which makes me question your sincerity at this point. That’s troubling,” McDonald said.

I am one hundred percent with the commissioner. This is ridiculous. The town is calling for her to step down and it sounds like that might be exactly what happens.

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