Sudden Move Of Advertisers Refusing To Use Pictures of White, Straight Customers – Fear Being Racist

Sudden Move Of Advertisers Refusing To Use Pictures of White, Straight Customers – Fear Being Racist

It’s not cool to be straight or Caucasian any more. At least that’s what many advertisers are demonstrating with their newest ads depicting people of any color but white, and every iteration of romantic love except heterosexual. There are gay male couples, gay female couples and plenty of heterosexual couples of races other than Caucasian. So apparently, it’s okay to be Caucasian as long as you are not straight and it’s okay to be straight if you are not Caucasian.

Isn’t everyone sick of this nonsense? Why would any group of people be demonized for who they are? The Liberal Left believes that we don’t choose our sexual orientation. And of course, no one chooses his race. So if we are all a product of random genetic assignment, how can one group be more important than another? Why isn’t it just as valid to be born straight and Caucasian, as it is to be born gay and Black, or bisexual and Asian, or Pacific Islander, or Indian? If none of us get to choose and we are what we were born to be, then all of us are living equally valid lives, right?

Wrong. According to these companies delving into nontraditional families and couples for their marketing, only some people are living valid lives. But other people are automatically less than, less marketable, less valuable, offensive even.

IKEA is using gay couples for their “all homes are created equal” campaign. Tiffany is using same sex couples of both, all, many, genders to sell engagement rings. Lloyd’s is using two men in their “he said yes” campaign.

A recent survey of 500 companies show the number of actors or models depicting straight Caucasian people is dropping rapidly. Many companies fear offending those who are gay or who are somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrum. They also fear offending those who are not Caucasian. All of which is patent nonsense. No one decides not to buy a couch because the model sitting on it isn’t the “right” color or sexuality. No one demurs buying their favorite engagement ring because the couple modeling it isn’t their preferred sexuality or gender combination. It’s all rather asinine. Can’t we just buy things without being preached at?

But the real kicker is this, most of those that used images of gay couples or ‘non-traditional’ families said they did it even if it didn’t fit with their brand or image. And about 50% used fewer white people because Caucasians don’t represent ‘modern society’ any longer. Really? So let’s get this straight, (pun intended,) they are saying that the between 1.3-2 billion people in the world who are Caucasian, are not part of modern society? That’s definitely going to be news to white folks worldwide. Sorry, you are not modern. You don’t matter.

Until we, as a species, can understand that there is only one race, the human race, we will continue to go down this divisive path. And until we understand that no matter how many gay couples or other designations of families there are, that it is only heterosexual couples who repopulate the world, we will continue to decline into a post traditionalist culture where the exception is held to be more important than the rule, where policy is built on excluding major groups of people who don’t happen to be trendy at the moment.

Everyone matters. Every race, every gender, every nationality, every age. It’s time to leave bigotry and division behind and embrace everyone. It’s time to get over ourselves.

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