UAlbany Students Find Out The Consequences Of Falsely Claiming THIS

UAlbany Students Find Out The Consequences Of Falsely Claiming THIS

Though racism does still exist, we should all be cautious about accepting whatever story emerges from supposed victims of “racist” attacks. Hoaxes have become all too common and two female students at the University of Albany in New York have demonstrated that there are sick individuals out there willing to incite racial disharmony as a means of obtaining attention. Now, they’re paying the price for their hoax.


From Western Journalism:

After an investigation into claims of assault by two female students at the University of Albany in New York, the college’s president issued an email announcing the expulsion of the women. Another student received a two-year suspension.

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Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell, who are both black, reported they were assaulted by a group of white men and a woman.

According to the women’s report, the assault took place early on Jan. 30 while they rode a bus. They alleged the group attacked them physically while issuing racial slurs. The women also claimed that people on the bus did nothing to try and stop the assault.

Officers investigating the incident pored over numerous videos during the time of the alleged incident and could find no signs of an attack. Video did, however, indicate that Agudio, Burwell and the third student, Alexis Briggs, assaulted a 19-year-old woman.

Police noted that eyewitness testimony as well as video suggests the white men were attempting to break up the altercation, which contradicts the women’s claims.

As a result of the investigation, police charged both Agudio and Burwell with misdemeanor assault and filing a false report of an incident. Briggs was charged at a later date with misdemeanor assault.

News10 in Albany reported the women did not accept a plea deal that would have called for an apology.

News10 stated in a later report that the three women were indicted by a New York grand jury and charged for starting the fight and reporting it as racially motivated.

The women have each entered a not guilty plea.

To be clear: there are racist attacks. There is still ugly bigotry out there. However, those who orchestrate these kinds of hoaxes are worse than any hood-wearing bigot because they are instrumental in destroying their own cause and play a role in casting suspicion upon any legitimate victims who seek to call attention to a real attack.

Perhaps the best way to “move past” racism as a society is to not continually bombard society with “I’m such a victim” belief systems.

A wound will only heal when it is no longer being picked and prodded; doesn’t it stand to reason that the wounds of racism will only heal when we acknowledge these injustices, but aim to move-past them?

These hoaxes aren’t helping society do that. It’s despicable.

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