USC Professor: Punishing Minority Protesters Who Break the Law is Supporting White Supremacy

USC Professor: Punishing Minority Protesters Who Break the Law is Supporting White Supremacy

You read that correctly, enforcing the law and punishing those who knowingly break it is now considered white supremacy among the SJWs and those people with absolutely no regard for public safety.

Of course this is coming from a professor, so let’s be honest, what they have to say holds less weight than an alcoholic bum on the sidewalk trying to pass out financial advice. If you’re paying to listen to these people, you might as well just throw thousands of dollars into the toilet and flush. Several times just for good measure.

University of Southern California Professor Charles H.F. Davis believes that if you punish people of color for breaking the law while demonstrating or protesting (read: rioting), you are basically enforcing white supremacy. Never mind that white Antifa and neo-Nazi rioters are being arrested for also breaking the law while “protesting,” that doesn’t fit the narrative and you can’t compete in the “oppressathon” if facts start getting in the way.

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In his essay, published in “Inside Higher Ed,” he asserts that punishing protesters advances “white supremacy,” because it “unfairly criminalizes students” and when colleges do this, they “run the risk of creating an unsafe and threatening environment.”

Right? I mean come on, punishing people who break the law teaches them that laws totally aren’t meant to be broken and how can progressive professors teach their kids to be little criminals in the name of “progress” if they’re being arrested for it?

He further claims that protesters are largely minority and “marginalized” students. “Issuing a punishment, especially in these cases, is a clear form of criminalization by deeming protest unacceptable,” he states, lying through his teeth.

You see, protesting isn’t criminal. However, if you are denying someone’s right to free speech or threatening them, you need to be removed. Peacefully protesting will not get you arrested.

“Within the past two academic years, more than 100 student collectives issued demands to their respective institutions,” he stated, encouraging leaders to listen to “student protesters’ concerns.”

“By taking up a punitive approach to what is clearly a demand for greater racial equity and inclusion, administrators demonstrate they are more concerned with criminalizing those who labor in the name of justice than addressing real issues with material consequences for students of color,” he writes.

I’m a huge fan of protesting. I think more people should be doing it because there is nothing better than exercising your Constitutional rights. That being said, laws exist for a reason. (For the most part, anyway. We’re all aware that there is an over-abundance of laws that have no purpose.)

The fact that a professor thinks that laws should apply differently to people of different skin colors is extremely racist. This should be unacceptable in American institutions, especially those dedicated to higher education.

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