[VIDEO] Texas School District Rejects Racist Teacher’s Resignation – Fires Her Instead

[VIDEO] Texas School District Rejects Racist Teacher’s Resignation – Fires Her Instead

A Texas teacher finds herself in trouble after a nasty, racist tweet about #FERGUSON. Check out what the school district did next:



From the article:

MyFOXDFW reported:
Duncanville school district trustees rejected a teacher’s letter of resignation, instead firing her for posting a racist, profanity-laced tweet.

Vinita Hegwood, an English teacher at Duncanville High School, released a statement Thursday saying that she wished to resign, but the district said it wasn’t notified.

The Duncanville Independent School District Board of Trustees received the letter during a special meeting Friday morning, but still unanimously voted to terminate her teaching contract.

Hegwood came under fire last week for her comment on Twitter about the police shooting in Ferguson, Mo. She suggested used profanity and suggested white people should kill themselves.

“Who the f— made you dumb duck a– crackers think I give a squat f— about your opinions on my opinions RE: #Ferguson. Kill yourselves!” the post on her personal Twitter account said.

Hegwood said she was responding to others who racial attacked her.

“I allowed myself to respond emotionally and impulsively. My reaction in no way reflects the standards to which I have held myself and my students for the last twenty years of teaching. I accept full responsibility for my actions,” she said.


Social media has opened up a new kind of “Pandora’s Box”, where folks can type seemingly anonymously behind the keyboard. But nothing truly is anonymous. You attach a photo, and pretty soon, there are people finding you. If you don’t want to be found online, don’t have a social media account. You have to be accountable for the things you say and do, no matter where you are saying them. Teachers are supposed to be examples for our children, and should be held to an even higher standard of accountability.

Good for the school district for not being all PC about this. She deserved to lose her job – but nice try on the ‘resignation’. The knife of racism cuts both ways, black or white, and it is absolutely unacceptable for any teacher to use racial slurs of any kind.

Should this teacher have been fired for her racist tweet? Should teachers be held accountable for their personal social media accounts?


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