Woman Throws The Race Card When Told Taco Bell Doesn’t Do French Fries [VIDEO]

Woman Throws The Race Card When Told Taco Bell Doesn’t Do French Fries [VIDEO]

I hear a lot about some kind of privilege we all have because of our white skin color. I once heard that band aids are predominantly pink flesh color, which is oppressive to all other races who live here. I mean it makes sense. If you are trying to hide a wound in order to up your street cred, it would be helpful to have the same color bandage as your skin. We’ve all been there before.

This lady, however, doesn’t get it. She thinks the privilege goes beyond bandages and basic mathematics and ventures into the fast food arena. Pull up at a Taco Bell and order french fries, why not? We’re white and we know what we want!

Honey, it doesn’t work that way. The privilege is inherent, as in, no one knows exactly what it entails, but some people know for sure what it entails, but don’t question the fact that the privilege exists in the first place because the mere act of disagreeing with a minority is itself evidence of white privilege.

This has got me thinking. Why would someone with so much privilege throw around the race card so easily? Doesn’t she know that racism equals power plus discrimination? Doesn’t she know that the lady taking the order cannot be racist even if she writes manifestos about the genocide of white people?

Now that I’ve cleared that up, can we all agree this lady is a moron? I mean, she is high as a kite, I presume. If there ever was a poster child for school choice, I’m pretty sure she is it.

You know, I’m going for a hot take today, why not? Maybe everyone is getting this all wrong. Maybe we are all the idiots for knowing the intricacies of all fast food places like the back of our hands. Sure I could make the “what are you going to do next, order a Big Mac at Wendy’s?” joke and look like the trendy, hip guy who gets it. But maybe that’s not what’s going on here. Why do we all have this visceral reaction when we see some lady ask for french fries at a Taco Bell? It feels like tribal warfare to me, and none of us want this lady. But, what if she has never been to Taco Bell because her parents loved her so much to make her home cooked meals everyday? What if the person filming knows this and told her to order french fries in order to score a viral video out of it? The possibilities here are endless.

I think the real privilege here is to waltz into a Taco Bell, flying high on some kind bud, use “literally” to mean whatever you want it to mean, talk crap to the cashier when you don’t get your french fries, film the entire encounter, and have the video go viral and make tons of money off ad revenue. Well played madam.

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