My 75 Favorite Tweets For 2011

In no particular order, from my Twitter account, @johnhawkinsrwn.

1) Don’t be cocky because people USED TO be so ignorant. We’re every bit as ignorant. Only the subjects have changed

2) For good or ill, your big decisions tend to be consistent with your little decisions.

3) You can’t be charitable if you don’t raise yourself up enough to have something worth giving away.

4) If you think the most immoral thing someone can do is say, “That’s immoral,” you’re helping to ruin the world.

5) Tolerance, diversity, and “not being mean” are part of a pseudo-morality. Real morality is difficult & requires firm lines.

6) If you could go back in time and buy a few dozen of of Hitler’s paintings, I wonder if it would have prevented WW2?

7) If Sarah Palin is stupid, what does it say that she’s much more successful than pretty much everyone calling her stupid?

8) If the middle class isn’t willing to pay higher taxes for gov’t services, then we should cut the programs.

9) When a lion wants to go somewhere, he doesn’t worry about how many hyenas are in the way.

10) The greatest threat to the freedom, prosperity, & morality of the American people comes from our own government.

11) We’d be a lot better off if most people in DC learned to love 3 little words, “Not our problem.”

12) If both sides are criticizing you, it may mean you’re doing twice as much wrong, not splitting the difference to be right

13) Just because there are bad guys on one side doesn’t mean the good guys are on the other side. It may be all bad guys.

14) You are not a victim. I mean you, specifically, are not a victim, so stop thinking and acting like one.

15) If you want to live in a world without judgmentalism, it also means living in a world without morality or decency.

16) Anything as cute and slow as sloths must taste like rotten potato mixed w/ fish bladders in order to not be extinct yet

17) A friend told me she cried a lot. I asked her if there were women who don’t do that & if so, could she introduce us?

18) Learning how to properly ignore dumb comments is an advanced communications skill.

19) Despite what movies tell us, training & hard work beats heart & will 99 times out of a 100.

20) The type of life you have is created by the choices you’ve made. Either accept the consequences of your choices or change your choices

21) Men have a natural urge to tame the wild, spoil the pure, and asset dominance over their environment.

22) When human beings have difficult work to do, all too often they opt for pleasant, but meaningless distractions instead.

23) Headline: “Michelle Obama: ‘I want to embrace the country that I love’…” | First thought: Wonder which country it is?

24) Black Americans have been allied with the Democrats for 50 years. It has worked out great for the Dems. Can black Americans say the same?

25) One of the downsides of being Napoleon or Alexander must be dealing with all time travelers who want to meet you.

26) Proving you’ll die if you kill Americans is a hell of a lot more important than proving we’re more moral than our enemies

27) I heard if you watch the needle go in, it hurts less. It’s a brain trick. Tested it when I got bloodwork today. It worked

28) Change is not always for the better and progress is only a positive if you’re going in the right direction.

29) Evil usually doesn’t think it’s evil, it usually has many apologists, & its supporters typically portray it as a good.

30) Diet soda “makes you fat” for the same reason anti-depressants “cause” suicide. Hint: Correlation isn’t causation.

31) If there are enough people who’ll buy anything, then you can be sure that eventually someone will come along and sell it

32) Intelligent people gone wrong do much more damage to the world than stupid people.

33) When people can’t deal with the major issues in their life, they often become obsessive about minutiae as a distraction.

34) You might as well accept that you are where you are, it is what is, and you gotta do what you gotta do.

35) The Democratic Party only has two modes these days: Destroying America and trying to prevent anyone else from saving it

36) The government thinks it’s in charge. Break its rules, fight the power, defy, and rebel. That’s conservatism.

37) I wonder how many poor people ever consider that Dems want them to stay poor & dependent because it keeps them voting Dem

38) Greed isn’t being rich and not wanting to pay more taxes, it’s demanding more services paid for with someone else’s money

39) There’s nothing about Christianity that requires us to be doormats. Christ was certainly not a wimp.

40) I never trust people who thinks of themselves as victims because they usually feel justified when they behave badly.

41) The most angry, hate filled, deceptive and vicious people in politics almost inevitably say they’re driven by compassion

42) Replacing morality with legalities inevitably leads to gross immorality by the people taking advantage of the rules

43) Morality without religion is inevitably arbitrary.

44) There’s much to be said for a clever turn of phrase, but it’s not the same thing as wisdom.

45) There’s no need to take revenge on mediocre people. Their mediocrity is their own punishment.

46) Liberals aren’t striving for future prosperity, they’re just trying to delay our day of reckoning for our debt until after they’re dead

47) There’s nothing shameful about being poor. But, if you stay poor over the long haul in a country like America, you’re doing something wrong

48) If you want to know what liberals REALLY think of blacks, women, gays, etc listen to how they talk about CONSERVATIVES in those categories

49) Men have a duty to risk their lives and even die to protect a woman if need be. That used to be a common way of thinking. It still should be

50) Most people would rather embrace a comforting lie than a harsh truth.

51) Life has a trajectory that can be difficult to change. The farther you allow yourself to go off the path, the harder it’ll be to get back on

52) Once you start catering to people’s pathologies, it seldom ends well or at a reasonable point.

53) Helping other people is very important. But, you have to help yourself first or you won’t have anything to help them with.

54) You are where you are. You might as well stop regretting how you got there, accept it, and focus on how you move forward.

55) People who talk incessantly about tolerance are some the least tolerant people you’ll ever run across when someone disagrees with them.

56) Helping the poor learn how to better themselves is considerably more admirable than just giving them things.

57) I favor firing as many gov’t workers as possible, for any reason if they’re not military, intelligence, or border patrol.

58) If you think bankers make an “unfair” amount of money, then the simple solution would seem to be to become a banker.

59) What #OWS can learn from the Tea Party: 1) Bathe 2) Have a job 3) Don’t crap in the street 4) Don’t get arrested 5) Commies & Nazis suck

60) I want to write a self-help book called, “Life is hard, people are jerks, & most of your issues are self-created bullsh*t. Get used to it!”

61) There’s nothing noble about making excuses for people’s ignorance or lack of civilized behavior.

62) There are fortunate people and “charmed lives,” but there are no easy lives. Everybody has problems.

63) The “Southern Strategy” was nothing more than a way for the GOP to try to bring in Southerners. The idea that it was racist is untrue.

64) If you really think everybody can be a winner, then you’re probably a loser

65) The real cost of anything is the amount of your life you have to give in exchange for it.

66) If you want something, you better ask for it because very seldom do people think you’re so great that they just hand you your heart’s desire

67) Israel is really hated by its neighbors because they think they’re better than Jews, but Israel’s success makes them feel inferior

68) I’m glad God is patient enough to wait for me to come around to his way of thinking instead of giving me my heart’s desire when I want it.

69) Conservatives believe in creating prosperity to lift people out of poverty. Libs believe in dividing prosperity to make us all equally poor

70) Had to restrain myself from correcting an idiot on Facebook. Was about to, then I remembered it was Facebook, so who cares?

71) Teachers unions fight merit pay, vouchers, keep poor kids trapped in failing schools, & protect bad teachers. They’re the #1 enemy of kids

72) Had a friend tell me that Fox once veto’d a female guest they pitched specifically because she was “too ugly.”

73) American politics is really little more than conservatives trying to explain what they want to do & libs trying to hide what they want to do

74) The Rosenbergs & Hiss were guilty, our gov’t was once infiltrated w/ Soviet spies & sympathizers, & many liberals were loyal to the Soviets

75) Education without morality, self-esteem w/out ability or accomplishment, & racial diversity w/out intellectual diversity are all bad things

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