New Hollywood Movie Disrespects Ronald Reagan in Disgusting Way

New Hollywood Movie Disrespects Ronald Reagan in Disgusting Way

Just when you thought liberal celebrities couldn’t get any more disgusting, they are back to prove you wrong!


From Conservative Tribune:

It appears the liberals in Hollywood have sunk to an all-time low with the announcement of a new movie project starring Will Ferrell. Ferrell is well-known for his parodies and satires of former President George W. Bush, but his latest project doesn’t look to be funny at all, and it might be taking things a bit too far.

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The actor will play former president Ronald Reagan in an upcoming film that covers his early struggles with Alzheimer’s, according to Variety magazine.

Mike Rosalie wrote the script, which begins at the start of the Reagan’s second term after he is diagnosed with the disease. An ambitious intern is burdened with the responsibility of convincing the president that he is an actor playing the president in a movie.

The film, aptly titled “Reagan,” marks Rosolio’s big screen debut, and it also demonstrates the complete and utter disdain the left has always had for Ronald Reagan and conservatives.

Unfortunately, this film will be far from funny. Making jokes about a devastating disease such as Altziemer is truly disgusting, but it is not beneath those in Hollywood who seem bent on destroying the image of one of America’s most beloved presidents.

As someone who has cared for many people suffering from Alzheimer’s, the idea of this film breaks my heart. Here’s hoping it never makes it to theaters.

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