Travel Ban Protesters Asked If They Would Take in Refugee… Their Response? PRICELESS! [VIDEO]

Travel Ban Protesters Asked If They Would Take in Refugee… Their Response? PRICELESS! [VIDEO]

A guy named Joey Salads, who is popular for making fake social experiment videos, just posted his possibly fake video on the Muslim Ban. The problem is not that his video is possibly fake, but that the responses people give are most likely real.

He asked a bunch of people about President Trump’s executive order that restricted travel and allowed time to properly vet refugees, in other words, a security measure. Most of the liberal based people were in favor of having refugees here. Most non-liberals want nothing to do with refugees.

Everyone knows that part. What they don’t know is what the video from the shady Joey Salads will expose. His video actually exposed a very hypocritical truth in liberals. This was not expected, but very eye opening.

 Every liberal is in favor of compassionate policies that they think someone else is paying for.

Youtuber Joey Salads did a little social experiment among those protesting Donald Trump’s 90-day travel ban and 120-day Syrian refugee ban at Los Angeles International Airport, posing as a leftist.

He came representing a fake organization that was looking to provide care for refugees – but was mainly looking for people to volunteer to house refugees themselves. So did any of them take him up on that offer?

Most liberals who want refugees in the country are NOT willing to have them stay in their house. They want OTHER people to pay for it and house them.

So, what’s happening is that the liberals want YOU to pay for the beliefs that THEY have. I’m not paying for some refugees. I don’t care about them. I care about Americans. There’s people who beg for money at the end of my street and I’d rather see them get help than some possibly terrorist refugee.

All the liberals and Joey Salads should let these people stay at his house. That can be his repayment for getting caught making fake social experiment videos.

While this video may be more legit than his others (that’s not hard to accomplish), he seems to have exposed the liberals for what they are – a bunch of frauds. I guess frauds hang out together.

Joey, if you read this, please know that I think you’re an idiot. Make a video about that.

Frank Lea

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