United Nations Transports Welfare Colonists from Africa to Italy

United Nations Transports Welfare Colonists from Africa to Italy

Usually when the United Nations undertakes a military operation, the result is a pathetic flop, characterized by bungling bureauweenies and troops more interested in molesting the local children than fighting the enemy. But this time it could do serious damage; rather than futile peacekeeping operations, the U.N. has devoted itself to a serious mission — the invasion of Europe:

The United Nations began bringing African refugees to Italy from Libya on Friday, evacuating them from detention centers whose conditions have been condemned by humanitarian groups as inhumane.

The unpleasant conditions Third Worlders place themselves in is currently the most effective weapon in existence. Against the piteousness of welfare colonists, even nuclear weapons are useless.

The colonists come from all over Africa to Libya, in hopes of making it from this failed state to Europe, now that Obama/Hillary opened the floodgates by removing Muammar Gaddafi from power, leaving a vacuum in his place. Once they make it to Italy, most of them spread north, toward the most extravagantly generous welfare states, where they will quickly establish ghettoes and — with their explosive birth rates — displace the native population.

If only the invasion were from Russia. Then Western Europeans would make some attempt to defend themselves. Even if they lost, the Russian occupation would not be permanent. It certainly would not snuff out European civilization, the way the African invasion threatens to do, considering demographic trajectories.

“This should be a point of pride for Italians,” Interior Minister Marco Minniti told reporters on the tarmac [where the U.N. dumped a planeload of colonists]. “This is the just beginning. We will continue to try to open this humanitarian corridor.”

What these posturing fools are opening is Europe’s jugular vein.

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