Appeasing the American Loudmouth

Have you ever noticed a little kid throwing a huge fit in the grocery store check-out line as they run the candy bar gauntlet strategically set at 3-year old eye-level?:  That kid is the one who is left happy and twitching from a sugar high after his milk chocolate meltdown.

The squeaky wheel really does get the grease and/or chocolate.

I have the utmost respect for the parent who lets the little kid go into a full-on bath salt craze in the middle of the store.:  The last thing that parent is going to do is reward bad behavior. They stick to their guns on what is right and not what is easy.

For too long now public policy has been shaped by those flinging themselves on the floor with arms flailing about shouting, “but it’s not separation of church and state!”

The squeaky wheels are unhinged over a colossal mountain of perceived atrocities.

We live in a world where “not being offended” is viewed as a basic human right, but perceived offenses are always subjective.

For example, over 100 years the Gideon’s have placed bibles in over 181 countries in 82 different languages in places like hotels, Universities, Domestic Violence Shelters, Hospitals and more.

To the best of my knowledge, the bible sits there unless you pick it up and decide to read it.:  If it offends you, leave it alone. When did a choice become so offensive?

According to the website,: Atheist Activist, they encourage the removal of Gideon bibles “to combat the intrusion of religion to a captive audience.”

In typical progressive liberal style, all personal responsibility for an action must be removed.:  The bible must not be present. It’s not enough for them to simply have the restraint to ignore it. I ignore the mini-bar with its $8 dollar cans of Diet Coke. : And an $8 dollar can of Diet Coke is pretty offensive.

Not to mention,the rights of private businesses should be protected as long as it’s legal and: doesn’t: promote harm or hate. : A private hotel should be allowed to make the choice for Gideon bibles to be placed in the rooms. If that is not satisfactory to a client they can choose another hotel.

Atheist Activist suggests requesting a bible-free room and if one is unable to obtain such a request, to “place warning stickers on the Bible and expose Gideon. Print your own stickers. Play a game of Hide The Bible.”

Hide the bible.:  Really? : Why: shouldn’t: the person occupying the room after you be afforded the same rights to choose?

Last month, Billy Hallowell with the Blaze reported on an Atheist group who were demanding select Military bibles be removed, calling them a “threat to national security.” : The group, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation claim to be working “tirelessly to protect the rights of our clients by fostering a national discussion, influencing military policies, and pursuing legal remedies through our court system,” to protect the religious freedoms of Military personnel. : Since when did banning bibles become “protecting” religious freedoms?

It’s not just the major issues like separation of church and state.:  We see headlines constantly like that of Mayor Bloomberg taking action toward banning sodas larger than 16oz. in New York City to appease the small majority that believe removing choices will somehow effect the public’s overall health. : Those making bad choices will always find a way.

Also this year, an advocacy group for New York Sex Workers pushed for condoms to be banned from being used as evidence by authorities investigating criminal cases because the group deemed it “unhealthy”.:  They claim less sex workers will use condoms in fear of being prosecuted, hence raising the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Which results in the public being less protected and the authorities have a more difficult time prosecuting cases, because sex workers are choosing to not take responsibility.

On July 5th, the U.S.: Department of Transportation published its “Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel: Draft Technical Assistance Manual”.:  The manual claims that airlines must now grant passage to pot-bellied pigs for passengers needing them for “emotional support”.

Yes, I’m serious.

Just last year a U.S. Airlines flight allowed a 300 lb. pot bellied pig on a flight from Philadelphia to Seattle because the animal was considered a “therapeutic companion pet”.

Sir, would you like the seat next to the crying baby or the 300 lb. pot-belly pig?

It’s never enough for the progressives to be allowed certain choices.:  They want ours removed.

This year as we celebrated: Independence: Day, : American Atheists flew banners over New York City and around the Statue of Liberty with the words written, “Atheism is: Patriotic”.:  I don’t have a problem with that if that’s what they want to do. : I protect their right to free speech and it’s on their dime. : But the President of the American Atheists cited “religion is unpatriotic” claiming they place religious law above the law of the land.

He wants his rights protected.:  He wants his freedom of speech. But forget the rights and freedoms of those who believe differently.

Let them yell all they want. I’m not buying them a candy bar.

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