Archbishop Of Wales Uses Easter Sermon To Preach About “Climate Change”

Well, obviously that’s one of the main reasons God sacrificed his only Son!

(Wales Online) Climate change disaster can be combated by people living by the values of Jesus Christ, the Archbishop of Wales has said.

In his Easter sermon at Llandaff Cathedral, Dr Barry Morgan called on worshippers to make fundamental changes to their way of life in order to protect the planet for future generations.

He said the increasing extreme weather patterns in the UK and abroad meant Christians needed to take climate change and its effects seriously and respond, not bury their heads in the sand.

Dr Morgan said: “The Resurrection is also about the transformation of the universe. That being the case, not only must we care for one another, we must also have a care for God’s world as well.

“That is why, as Christians, we have to take climate change and its effects seriously. Rising global temperatures are causing droughts, melting glaciers, warming of permafrost, heat waves and coastal floods in almost every part of the world. Already this year we have seen extreme weather patterns, not just in distant far flung places where it is nothing new, but here in Wales and the rest of the UK — this is no longer someone else’s problem. It is ours.

I bet the parishioners thought they were going to get a sermon about forgiveness and solidarity, something about the meaning of Easter as discussed in the Bible, not a political speech

“We need to make fundamental changes to our lifestyle by living and working sustainably. That means promoting social justice and equality through Fair Trade, foodbanks, outward giving, night shelters and helping those in need; leading communities on ideas and learning about sustainable living; and seeking to reduce the use of resources through recycling, car sharing or making our graveyards havens for wildlife.

Now, most of those ideas are not necessarily bad ones, but notice that Dr. Morgan has to wrap them around the banner of “climate change”. Interestingly, when it comes to charity and helping those in need, it is the Skeptics who tend to be much more charitable with their own time and money. Most Warmist lean politically Left, and they expect Government to handle it. They don’t give their own time and money.

And they also do not actually live their lives in accordance with their cultish beliefs.

“Our task now is to live by the values of His risen life — to bring about God’s kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. And that is good news for all people and for the whole of creation.”

Those values did not include forcing Other People to have their lives changed by Government, to have Big Government decree what people can do, to being taxed out the ying yang, all the things Warmists push, which, also, interestingly, includes a push to diminish and eliminate religiosity and replace it with the State as the Church.

(Fox News) This is the culmination of the Gospel, it is the Good News par excellence: Jesus, who was crucified, is risen! This event is the basis of our faith and our hope. If Christ were not raised, Christianity would lose its very meaning; the whole mission of the Church would lose its impulse, for this is the point from which it first set out and continues to set out ever anew. The message which Christians bring to the world is this: Jesus, Love incarnate, died on the cross for our sins, but God the Father raised him and made him the Lord of life and death. In Jesus, love has triumphed over hatred, mercy over sinfulness, goodness over evil, truth over falsehood, life over death.

Perhaps Dr. Barry should have followed the Pope, who seems to know what Easter is about.

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