Atheist Billboard In Charlotte, NC Vandalized

It seems that that at least one person took exception to a certain billboard

A billboard that was put up by an atheist group that purposely omitted references to God has been defaced — and had the words ‘under God’ added.

The billboards were put up in Charlotte and across North Carolina the week of June 21.

One of the billboards is on Billy Graham Parkway in west Charlotte — and it was the one defaced this past weekend. It originally showed an American flag with the words “One Nation Indivisible” superimposed, but had “Under God” missing — as part of the message to emphasize church and state issues.

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Now, I do not agree with it being vandalized, but, one would think they were asking for this to happen. I’m just saying. Would it be too much of a conspiracy theory to think that one of their own people did it, in order to draw attention to their billboard campaign?

The billboard campaign cost $15,000 and is sponsored by the North Carolina Secular Association.

NCSA founder Joseph McDaniel Stewart said the campaign “is designed to bring nontheists and theists together as patriots in a shared society.”

When the words ‘under God’ were added to the Pledge of Allegiance between ‘one nation’ and ‘indivisible,’ Stewart claims, “They made a lie out of both those ideals because you can’t have an indivisible nation if you draw a line between the godly and godless. We all belong here.”

I don’t generally have a problem with atheists, that’s their choice, and this is America, the home of the free (supposedly, but, you can’t tell from the Democrats agenda, but, I digress). That said, like most typically left leaning groups, they don’t like something, and they want to impose their views on the majority. Do the words “Under God” really truly hurt them? No. But rather than just getting on with their lives and ignoring it, they have to tell the majority that they can’t have this.

William Warren, who is a member of the Charlotte group, says the billboards hit home in North Carolina.

“The North Carolina Constitution declares that one must believe in God to hold public office and even though this requirement is unenforceable because it violates the U.S. Constitution, it’s still on the books,” Warren said. “Think how people would react if the state constitution required that office holders be white and male.”

True, the requirement in NC is wrong, according to the ideals of the founding of the nation. Oh, and that pesky Article 4, which does apply to the States. Yet, as normal, these pushy atheist groups fail to understand that the 1st Amendment applies strictly to the federal Congress. “Congress shall make no law….” Congress made no law. The people who wrote the NC Constitution did. Furthermore, there is no such thing as “separation of Church and State,” just a fanciful notion based on a misreading of a letter, which was stating that Los Federales should not fund religious groups, which I agree with. Just like there are many, many, many groups which they shouldn’t fund. The 1st is, at it’s core religious message, stating that the federal government cannot create a national religion, nor pick one particular type of religion, and force everyone to be a part of it. This was in response to how deep into politics, government, and people’s lives by the Church Of England. Nor can they stop anyone, including the States, from exercising their freedom of religion.

Funny that they whine about their so-called religious freedom, but, want to deny the majority theirs. Double funny, they are the ones trying to be divisible.

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