Atheists are Attacking This Sheriff for What He Did in Uniform – But He Fired Back With Force

Atheists are Attacking This Sheriff for What He Did in Uniform – But He Fired Back With Force

Evidently, atheists won’t be happy until every vestige of Christianity is scrubbed from the public square. Their latest attack on people of faith was leveled at Sheriff Grady Judd — except they may have underestimated their latest target, because he’s not afraid to hit back.

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When Florida lawman Grady Judd received an invitation to address parishioners at Lakeland’s First Baptist Church at the Mall, he accepted – as he had in response to numerous previous invitations by other groups. When the Freedom from Religion Foundation received word of the resulting speech and the fact that the Polk County sheriff was in uniform while delivering it, the Wisconsin-based organization sent a letter threatening to sue on the grounds of religious discrimination.

At one point during Judd’s recorded address, he posited that the world “would be better if everyone behaved” like a Christian.

According to a WKMG report, FFRF claims Judd broke the law in delivering what it deemed a sermon while in uniform. The letter reportedly claimed his act rose to the level of “excluding other religions and making nonbelievers feel like outsiders in their own community.”

Judd reacted to the backlash, however, by defending both his message and the manner in which he shared it.

“I was invited to this church,” he said, “just like I am to many churches, just like I am to many secular events, to speak.”

The subsequent speech, Judd continued, should not be considered offensive to anyone, regardless of faith or lack thereof.

“The message was clear,” he concluded. “The message was uplifting.”

Furthermore, he told WTVT that he has no intention of turning down future requests to speak because of the FFRF backlash.

“When people call the sheriff’s office and ask me to come speak,” he said, “I am going to speak. I am going to wear my uniform. You can guarantee it.”

Message to atheists, once again — this is why no one likes you! There is nothing wrong with any public official speaking freely about their religion. If you don’t like it, then maybe it’s time for you to special order some big-girl panties alongside an extra set of thicker skin and get over it.

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