Atheists Still Working Hard To Exclude 9/11 Cross From Museum

They’ve been pushing this issue for years, ever since they learned that the 9/11 cross would be a part of the museum. As far back as 2011 they filed a lawsuit to stop the inclusion. Why? The typical silly argument about a cross being on government land, and because they might be offended. Mostly because they’re jerks and want to ruin it for everyone else

(CBS NY) Arguments were heard Thursday in a case brought by an atheist group against placing what’s known as the World Trade Center cross in the National September 11 Museum.

As WCBS 880′s Marla Diamond reported, the lawyer for the 9/11 museum, Mark Alcott, called the steel beam cross an artifact during oral arguments at the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

But American Atheists attorney Edwin Kagan called the 17-foot-tall crossed beams a religious symbol that only gives one story of the people who suffered and has no place on government-owned land. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey owns the site where the museum is located.

Judge Reena Raggi said there are countless other religious artifacts on display at many museums. She asked the lawyer for the American Atheists if their goal was to censure history.

There was lots of whining from the atheists lawyer about religion

“This is part of religious history. It’s an act of religious symbolism. It is a shrine now,” Ken Bronstein of New York City Atheists said outside court. “That miracle cross should be moved back to St. Peter’s where it was for five years.”

Atheists are working overtime to tick off the American citizens. And still fail to understand the 1st Amendment. The cross gave great comfort to workers who worked tirelessly in an attempt to find survivors in those early, bleak days.

(Washington Post) Questions raised by the three-judge panel included whether similar treatment would be needed in a place like the Holocaust Museum, a museum that includes Jewish artifacts but would not be considered an endorsement of Judaism.

Excellent question. There are plenty of religious objects residing within government funded museums. The Smithsonian is funded 70 cents on the dollar by the federal government (money well spent, IMO). There are numerous religious works in the museums of all stripes. Have you ever visited the National Gallery of Art (if not, you really should)? There are numerous pieces of art that directly support Christianity.

Let’s be clear: this group does not represent all atheists, nor speak for them, nor make clear their thoughts. Most that I’ve met could care less.

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