Banned from Reading the Bible In Today’s America? Really? [Video]

The Constitution is under constant attack these days from a panapoly of Progressive/Marxist factions and those who despise freedom. In no other area is this more apparent than the attack on the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and religion. Our nation has gone from a stronghold for Christian beliefs, to one where persecution for simply reading the Bible is seen on a regular basis. Especially in schools. The discrimination ranges from the subtle admonishment of separation of church and state, to the expulsion of those who promote and practice their Christian beliefs on or off campus. Now, children who are merely reading to themselves for comfort from God’s word are told it is not allowed. It is all too frequent now.

From TPNN:

We have witnessed Christianity come under increasing attack as the years have gone by. Over the last two years, it seems as though those attacks are at an all time high. Not only are individuals being forced by the government to abandon their religious beliefs or face fines or jail time, children are also being told in some schools that they cannot read the Bible.

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In Marshall, Missouri, a father says that being banned from reading the Bible in school is precisely what happened to his son.

Loyal Grandstaff, a 12-year old student at Bueker Middle School, was reading the Bible during his free time. He says the bible gives him encouragement so he enjoys reading it.

His father, Jeff Grandstaff, said, “There are kids running around disrespecting their teacher, kids running around cussing and everything else and they’re practically getting into no trouble at all.

According to Loyal, he was not reading out loud and he was not sharing it with his classmates. His teacher, however, told him that reading the Bible in school was not allowed.

Loyal was reading to himself. He was not proselytizing to other children. His other work was complete and it was his personal time to do what he wished with – except that… gasp! He spent it reading the Good Book. Can’t have that. Now if he was Muslim, Atheist or a Satanist, that would be fine. If he was a gang banger, drug dealer or deviant – also okay. But the Progressive Teacher’s Union and their minions just can’t tolerate a child being a Christian. That is the ultimate sin to them and they must be stopped. Watch them deny it and lie to the father, blaming the son. That’s next. But at some point, they won’t even pretend any more… you will be summarily punished for being a Christian or Jew if this keeps up. That punishment may be of varying degrees of severity as well.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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