Big Government Really Tried To Destroy This Small-Town Church, But The Church Fought Back And Won A Huge Legal Victory

When I lived in Nevada, I learned to truly despise city councils. This Texas town has a power hungry one, that evidently doesn’t give a flying crap about the Constitution and religious freedom. Thanks to a non-profit legal group and a judge who is dedicated to justice and our Constitutional rights, Cornerstone Church will be able to have a church and Christian school on their own property. I can’t believe I even have to say that – they own the property, but a bunch of bureaucrats have to give their blessing. That blessing should only come from God and our natural rights as Americans. The city council can stuff it.

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From Western Journalism:

Federal Judge Andrew Hanen kept the town of Bayview, TX, from stopping a church from operating on its own property through the issue of a preliminary injunction.

The church, Cornerstone Church by the Bay, was given property in Bayview. The church then requested of the town council permission to use the property for a school and church, permission which the council denied. In fact, the council went so far as to unanimously vote to ban churches and schools from the place where the church’s property sits.

The Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group dedicated to religious liberty, helped the church in the legal dispute.

Jeff Mateer, Liberty Institute’s General Counsel, said:

“We are very encouraged by the Court’s ruling. It is a victory for our clients and for the religious freedom of all Texans.  We are thankful that the court recognized that it is unlawful for the Town to interfere with the church’s use of its own property.”

Pastor Hamilton Musser said that he and the church were “thrilled that the court upheld our right to use our building as a church.”  He said he looked forward to working with the town and looked forward to the town approving a church school so that the church can minister to the local community.

Prerak Shah, an attorney with Givson, Dunn and Crutcher LLP, representing the church, said: “This type of blatant discrimination against Cornerstone Church and other religious ministries by heavy-handed government is what led our Founders to enact the First Amendment in the first place.”

You now see this type of Christian bashing and suppression across the nation as Progressives have wormed their way into our local governments and positions of power. Trust me when I say that if this had been a mosque, the council members would have fallen all over themselves to get it through post haste. But they have a deep seated hate of Christians and I am so glad this church fought and won this battle. Texas is a great state with great judges for the most part – but even they are infected with liberal elitists among their ranks. Time for the Texas two-step and to vote these evil bastards out. Let them roam the conservative range of a free and Godly Texas.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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