Bummer: Almost Double Believe In Jesus’ Virgin Birth Than Human Caused Climate Change

People believe in a lot of things, some of which are real, some of which aren’t. More people believe Satan causes real world problems, ghosts exist, and in UFOs than “climate change”. More Americans believe in angels than “climate change”. This makes Warmists very upset, because they have invested countless hours over the past 20+ years “spreading awareness” about their little cult of man-caused Hotcoldwetdry

(Time) More Americans believe the Christmas story is historically accurate than believe in climate change.

According to a new Pew Survey of over 1,500 U.S. adults, 73% say they believe Jesus was born to a virgin, and 74% say they believe Jesus’s birth was announced to the shepherds by an angel (among Protestant respondents, that rate is 91% and 90%, respectively). 78% of women say they believe in the virgin birth, 65% of the respondents said they believe all elements of the Christmas story are factually true.

By contrast, a Pew study of from January found that only 61% of Americans think that climate change is happening, and only 40% believe it’s caused by human behavior. Which means that almost twice as many Americans believe in the virgin birth as believe in human-induced global warming.

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Well, that’ll leave a mark. An event from over 2,000 years ago that cannot be proven or disproven beats out a modern issue that cannot actually be proven but has been pushed non-stop in countless ways.

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