China makes Imams swear to abandon Shariah Law and agree not to teach Islam to children…or else!

China makes Imams swear to abandon Shariah Law and agree not to teach Islam to children…or else!

I think if anyone believes an Imam will swear against Shariah Law they are misguided.  A Muslim fundamentally believes that God’s law is superior to man’s law.  This is a guiding principle.  That is one of the things that makes them believe the Islam is superior to all other religions.  A Muslim seems to believe that the world should be made to be Muslim even by force.


If Muslims think they have it rough in the United States, where government officials — even the president — cater to them even though their religion is behind so many acts of terror, then they’ve obviously not spent any time trying to be a Muslim in China.

According to the Conservative Post, Chinese stat media recently reported that in the Xinjiang region of China, government officials rounded up dozens of imams and made them perform a choreographed dance routine in which they swore to abandon Shariah law and promised not to teach the religion of Islam to children.

Additionally, they were required to chant “our income comes from the CKP (Chinese Communist Party) not from Allah” and were also required to tell curious children that prayer is harmful to the soul.

Chinese Imams Dancing

As expected, various groups blasted the Chinese government for forcing the imams to perform the bizarre ceremony — as would we — but it’s clear that China doesn’t particularly give a rip what rights groups have to say.

It wasn’t long ago, in the same region, that the Chinese government took measures to ban men from growing beards as well as prohibiting women from wearing burqas.

When a group of Turkish-speaking Muslim Uighurs began attacking Chinese citizens as a form of protest against government policies they didn’t agree with, Chinese officials rounded them up and executed them.

China’s message to Muslims has been made brutally clear: assimilate or face the consequences.

Not surprisingly, China doesn’t worry much about radical Islamic terror attacks. Sure, their methods are much stricter than we would ever see in the West, but there’s no arguing that they have been extremely effective.

Meanwhile, in the United States, President Barack Obama is doing everything in his power to flood our nation with hordes of desperate, unvetted Muslim refugees.

Sounds about right.

Is it possible for us to protect or First Amendment rights and protect ourselves from radical Islam as well?


Earl Hall

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