Christian Hymn Banned at High School, Fans Take Matters Into Their Own Hands [Video]

Christian Hymn Banned at High School, Fans Take Matters Into Their Own Hands [Video]

This is ridiculous. Brandon High School has been forbidden by a judge to have Christian prayers at any school gathering, including sports events. The marching band wanted to play a Christian hymn at halftime at Friday’s season opening football game. The School District banned them from performing out of fear they would be sued again by radical atheists. Instead of rolling over and complying, the parents, fans, students and band members rose in the stands and gave a rousing (if somewhat tone deaf) version of “How Great Thou Art.” I roundly applaud them for doing so. Banning these prayers and songs violates these student’s First Amendment rights and their freedom of expression and religion. More Christians need to stand up like this.

Brandon High School Band

From BizPac Review:

A gun-shy Mississippi school district, that had already been sued for “proselytizing Christianity,” imposed a ban on its high school marching band’s halftime-show hymn to avoid being sued again – but fans of the band weren’t having it.

The Rankin County School Board nixed the idea of the band playing the Christian hymn “How Great Thou Art” at halftime of Friday night’s football game because board members believed it was too close to the line of the previous judgement, WLBT-TV reported.

In July, the school district was ordered to pay a student $7,500 in damages after the student successfully sued the district, with the help of the atheist group the American Humanist Association, for having Christian prayers at a voluntary school gathering in 2014.

But when fans, including adults and students, learned that the performance of the Christian hymn had been canceled, they decided to perform it themselves.

Parent Kimberly Moore told the station many of the bad things that happen in schools might be caused by the fact that government keeps God out of schools.

“It bothers me because you look at the schools and all of the school shootings and all the bad things that are happening, and wonder why,” Moore told WLBT. “It’s because we’re allowing evil to step in.

“I don’t fault our school district because I know they are trying to do what’s right as a community and for the school,” she added. “But in one sense I don’t fault ’em, and in another I’m like, ‘we gotta take a stand on behalf of Christ’.”

One of the reasons there is so much crime and evil in our schools is that God has been removed from them. When you eliminate morality and ethics in favor of permissiveness and entitlements, you get hellish results. If the government and the powers-that-be want to fine us for being Christians and throw us in prison, then so be it. We answer to a higher power. Judge Reeves said the district continued to promote Christianity during school hours after it agreed to stop. He fined the district $7,500 and again ordered it to stop sponsoring prayers at graduations, assemblies, athletic competitions and other school events. This suit was filed by one student and the American Humanist Association. These Christians in Mississippi are beginning to exercise civil disobedience, just as they should. It pays not to pray in Mississippi these days, but that is a price too high to pay for these Christians. Time to choose sides and make a stand – these people choose God… so do I. – Jackson, MS

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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