Church Of England Goes Medieval On Fight Climate Change Witchcraft

Remember the time when people blew out of England to escape from the dominance of the Church of England? Remember how the Framers of the Constitution added a phrase to the Bill Of Rights to make sure no church would work hand in hand with The Government, because of how the Church Of England worked with the government? Well, that same church has chimed in on the issue of “climate change”. Which is not that strange, considering “climate change” is more of a religion than a science

(UK Guardian) The Church of England has said that it will, as a last resort, pull its investments from companies that fail to do enough to fight the “great demon” of climate change and ignore the church’s theological, moral and social priorities.

Demons. You darned witches driving fossil fueled vehicles. Tsk, tsk.

Although the church’s Ethical Investment Advisory Group (EIAG) has resisted calls for the church to pull its money from fossil fuel companies, insisting that engagement is the best way to effect change, its deputy chairman told the General Synod that it was considering “all options” when it came to developing future investment policy.

“Make no mistake, we reserve the final option of disinvesting from those particular companies who resist change,” said the Rev Canon Professor Richard Burridge, adding that the church had sold its :£3.8m stake in the controversial mining company Vedanta four years ago following concerns about its human rights record.

But he added that while the EIAG recognised that climate change was a huge ethical investment issue, swift disinvestment from fossil fuel companies was not the answer.

“Pointing the finger at the extractive industries gets us off the hook and avoids the fundamental problem which is our selfishness and our way of life, which has been fuelled by plentiful, cheap energy and more and more people around the world wanting that,” he said.

So, when will the Church of England disconnect their power from the grid and only use “alternatives” like solar and wind? When will the leaders give up their own fossil fueled travel? Canon Giles Goddard of Southwark diocese proposed the divestment, and stated

“Climate change is a moral issue because the rich world has disproportionately contributed to it and the poor world is disproportionately suffering. Poor communities are least equipped to deal with the impacts.”

When Warmists start yammering on about “moral issues”, they know they are losing the debate.

Steven Croft, the bishop of Sheffield, described the threat of climate change as “a giant evil; a great demon of our day”, adding: “Its power is fed by greed, blindness and complacency in the present generation, and we know that this giant wreaks havoc though the immense power of the weather systems, which are themselves unpredictable.”

Uh huh. The cult has been joined by a church to fight the demons.

He said the church had a “critical role” to play in lobbying politicians on climate change in order to bring about manifesto commitments to reach the target of an 80% reduction in UK greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

I suspect that the Church Of England will lose quite a few people once they start preaching in church about “climate change”. People do not want politics in church. Especially dubious ones based on junk science.

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