Islam in the Big Apple: These Pictures from New York City are Beyond Disturbing

Islam in the Big Apple: These Pictures from New York City are Beyond Disturbing

Right, smack dab in the center of where the Trade Towers fell on 9/11 comes these disgraceful and disturbing signs in New York City. Hey, you morons… Jesus was not a Muslim. He walked the earth 600 years before the Islamic religion even existed. Islam depicts Jesus as a prophet. I’m not sure how they can do that, but they do. Jesus was first a Jew. Boy, if this were a Christian group, Muslims would be screaming about hate crimes just as they are in Vegas because some guy wrapped bacon around the door handles of a mosque. Islam is now a protected class here in the US thanks to the likes of Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch. Allen West gets it exactly right here. Don’t make me laugh over the racism issue… historically, Islam is THE most racist ideology out there and they are world class at slavery and rape. These days it seems that the only ones who are entitled to free speech are Muslims. That’s not what I would call freedom, but I would call it Shariah law.

Islam NYC1

From Allen West:

I received the following email and pictures from a very dear friend who lives in New York City.

Now, I have no issue with free speech, but I do take umbrage with incendiary speech. And just ask yourself, if this were a Christian group, what would happen?

President Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch seem to have created a “protected class” when it comes to Islamists. And for this group to make the assertion about no racism in Islam — well, history teaches us a different lesson. Muslims were the biggest enslavers of blacks, selling them off to white slave traders. And today, we know about the sex slavery being implemented against Christian and Yazidi women and girls in the Middle East.

I’m waiting for some black ministers to come out and blast these folks with the “Jesus was a Muslim” claim — but be careful folks, AG Lynch and CAIR will classify you as an “Islamophobe” and press charges. And where is the LGBT community and their protest of the sodomy-pedophilia-bestiality assertion? What, cat got your tongue?

These pictures were taken last Sunday at Union Square Park. There were tables full of Islamic propaganda and I’ll bet no one asked these people for a permit or license either. The organization manning the tables is called the “Islamic Thinkers Society.” They had nifty signs and flyers claiming Jesus was Muslim and imagine a world without Israel. They were openly calling for the enforcement of Shariah law in America. They were also handing out free Qurans, especially to young people. I wholeheartedly agree with Allen West when he says we will never stop until this theocratic-political totalitarian ideology is eradicated. Under the Constitution you have a right to worship as you please… you have a right to free speech… but you do not have the right to force others to convert to your philosophy or die. We will never submit, although it looks like New York is well on its way in doing so.

Islam NYC2

Islam NYC3

Islam NYC4

Islam NYC5

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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