Liberals, Ruining Childhood One Step At A Time

Come on, we know that this lady must lean way to the left

PARENTS should not lie to their children about Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, but instead let them in on the secret, an Australian writer claims.

Dr Joanne Faulkner, a Sydney academic, says children can still enjoy the magic of Christmas and Easter, even if they know the truth.

Notice that she is primarily focused on Christian holidays.

In her new book, The Importance of Being Innocent, she says parents “should not create a fantasy where children are not given any basis for knowing what’s real and what’s pretend”.

In other words, let’s just ruin their childhoods, take away all the magic, make them as grumpy, neurotic, and unhinged as adult liberals.

She told the Herald Sun the popularity of such figures as Santa and the Easter Bunny merely fuelled an adult desire to recreate the past.

“It’s also because we adults feel vulnerable to all sorts of things that we can’t control,” Dr Faulkner said.

Project much? I’d posit that it goes back to, again, a time of wonder and magic, when kids could just be kids, which is tough enough in our modern society, with parents trying to be part of that magic, rather than any sort of vulnerabilities. But, that’s Liberal World, where the adults want the kids to be as miserable as they are. Really, though, if Dr. F wants kids to know the truth, perhaps she should be pushing for parents to not tell their kids lies, once such as that Keynesian economics actually works, that poor people create jobs, that government is always the answer, that single payer health systems help people, and that anthropogenic global warming is real.

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