Mentally ill mother of eight BEATEN to DEATH by Islamic preacher during EXORCISM

Mentally ill mother of eight BEATEN to DEATH by Islamic preacher during EXORCISM

The religion of peace strikes again, and this time, a woman suffering from mental illness is the victim. Believing that her mental illness was actually demonic possession, Islamic exorcists sought to cure her… by beating her with sticks until she died.

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A mentally ill Moroccan woman has died after relatives took her to an Islamic exorcism ceremony to rid her of ‘demons’.

The mother of eight is understood to have died after being repeatedly beaten with a stick by an exorcist known as a fqih in the village of Douar Beni Salah in the northern Tetouan region.

The unnamed woman, who is in her 40s, took part in the religious ceremony in the belief that her mental illness was caused by evil spirits, with her family telling local reporters that they felt the woman had been ‘possessed by the devil’.

In the hope of getting rid of her undisclosed mental illness, the woman is understood to have sought out the help of a fqih in her home town.

She underwent multiple sessions with the Islamic exorcist, which involved being beaten with a stick all over her body in the hope it would ‘force’ the devil out of her, according to Morocco World News.

While the fqih and his assistants beat the woman with a stick, a preacher is understood to have recited passages from the Koran.

Although the precise circumstances of her death have not yet been established, it is believed the woman’s body could no longer withstand the severity of the beatings being inflicted upon her.

Of course, it was just a mentally ill woman, so it’s doubtful that anyone will really care all that much about her death, considering how little value women have in Islamic culture. After all, if women can be stoned to death for being raped, why can’t they be beaten to death for being mentally ill?

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