Militant Atheists Furious Over High School Team Conducting Baptisms On The Practice Field

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, in case you haven’t heard of them, is an aggressive group of atheist lawyers seeking to bullyrag and torment any Christians they can find in America’s public institutions in as high-profile a manner possible. They’re going so far as to attempt to ban football chaplains at LSU – something which in Louisiana could well result in a long walk off a short pier.

So if they’ll go that far, imagine how quick FFRF would be to object to a public high school football team teaming with a Baptist church to have a baptism ceremony on the field after practice

Asking a Baptist preacher to baptize is like asking Colonel Sanders if he wants a bucket of chicken. Somebody’s going to get dunked.

So when a football coach in Villa Rica, Georgia asked to be baptized on the high school football field – the local First Baptist Church obliged.

At the end of the school day somebody hauled out an old feeding trough, plopped it in the end zone near the field house and filled it with water.

A crowd of about 75 folks, black and white, young and old, gathered in the sweltering August heat to watch the coach take the Baptist plunge.

An outward symbol of being washed anew.

Perhaps inspired by their coach’s public display of his faith, some of the players also asked to be baptized. One by one the teenage boys stepped into the trough – as onlookers prayed and rejoiced and applauded.

Oh, it was quite a moment in Villa Rica – all captured on video by a staff member of the First Baptist Church. Little did anyone know a rite of Christian passage would soon spark national outrage.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a group of perpetually offended atheists and free-thinkers from Wisconsin, saw the video and fired off a nasty letter to the Carroll County School superintendent.

“It is illegal for coaches to participate in religious activities with students, including prayer and baptisms,” attorney Elizabeth Cavell wrote. “Nor can coaches allow religious leaders to gain unique access to students during school-sponsored activities.”

They called the full emersion baptisms an “egregious constitutional violation.”

If you watch that video of the baptisms and aren’t moved by it, we could say without reservation you have no soul. The militant atheist scolds at the Freedom From Religion Foundation don’t have much choice but to admit that’s true in their cases.

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