Muslim sues Costco for not giving him a better job after he refused to work with pork as a cashier

I’m sorry, your rights as a Muslim do not trump the rights of Costco. Camara’s argument is specious. He had to have known when he took the job as assistant cashier that it would involve ringing up pork products. Therefore, he took the job under false pretenses. Costco has every right in the world as a private business to place workers where they see fit. Camara is not stupid – he had to deduce being transferred to handling carts was because he refused to handle pork. As a Christian, if I had to ring up porn I would find it very offensive. But if I took a job in a store where I knew that was sold, I would either have to ring it up or find another job. Same for Camara.

From OpposingViews:

Costco is being sued by a former employee for religious discrimination.

Jean Camara told ABC 7 that when he refused to work with pork, he was told to work outside gathering carts.

“Just because you have a different belief, that doesn’t give anybody the right to treat you different,” said Camara.

Camara, a devout Muslim, worked at the Costco in Sunset Park Brooklyn, New York, in September of 2012 as a cashier’s assistant.

When pork came across the conveyor belt, Camara refused to handle the product because his religious beliefs forbid him from touching pork or alcohol.

Camara told his managers about the restriction and their alleged response was to switch him to cart duty outside. He claims they never told him why he was being reassigned, and when he asked numerous times to be placed in another department, his requests were denied.

This led Camara to file a human rights complaint against the company.

Camara was fired for insubordinate conduct 16 days later.

“We all share different beliefs so we all should be treated equally no matter what belief we have,” Camara said.

Camara surely knows that under the uber politically correct atmosphere Americans live in now, an atmosphere his religion helped to create, that asking what his religion is constitutes a no-go zone. This has the feel of a set up in order to create publicity for the individual and Islam in the media and to force Costco to comply with his religious diktats. Does he honestly believe a cashier would be hired for a position that refused to ring through all products? That’s absurd. This suit should be thrown out as the frivolous case that it is. These attempts at a cultural takeover and the implementation of Sharia Law cannot and must not stand.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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