New Poll Shows Americans Moving Away From One Major Founding Principle

New Poll Shows Americans Moving Away From One Major Founding Principle

It’s no secret that the United States was founded as a Christian nation, on Judeo-Christian principles. Our Founding Fathers were overwhelmingly religious men, who believed in God and meant to honor Him in this country. A little over two centuries later, though, that has very much changed.

The majority of Americans still believe in God, but a new poll from Five Thirty Eight shows that the number of atheists is increasing greatly. Currently, 69% of Americans say that a belief in God is an important part of being American. But how many atheists, or non-believers, are there? That’s a little trickier to figure out, but the number is almost surely increasing.

Recent surveys, as noted by Five Thirty Eight, estimate that about one in 10 Americans say they do not believe in God, with only 3% identifying as atheists. A new study, however, may have discovered that the number of American atheists is much larger. A group of people were asked random, innocuous statements like “I own a dog” or “I am a vegetarian” and added in was “I do not believe in God.” Respondents were asked to look over the list of 10 statements and were asked how many were true for them. By comparing those totals to the totals for a control group, the study authors came to the conclusion that roughly 26% of Americans do not believe in God.

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Why would Americans be hesitant to identify as atheists? Well, for one, they continue to be one of the most disliked religious groups in the country, with only 30% of Americans saying they have a “warm” view of atheists. And even while Americans become more and more tolerant of different religions, atheists continue to be the exception.

Most atheists are, in all likelihood, perfectly lovely people who have no hostility towards religion and just want to freely live their lives. And that’s fine. But as long as the vocal minority of atheists continue to openly attack religion (and Christianity especially), then atheism will continue to have a negative perception in this country.

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