Nidal Hasan Killed Those People Because He’s A Radical Muslim

Here’s the ugly truth that we’re so desperate to avoid talking about: A certain percentage of Muslims murder people not in spite of their faith, but because of it.

Nidal Hasan was one of those people. By that, I mean had Nidal Hasan been a Christian or a Hindu or a Buddhist or an atheist, it seems unlikely that he would have gone on a murderous rampage.

Certainly most Muslims are decent, peace loving human beings. However, some of them (5%? 10%? 25%?) are extremist savages. They’re okay with terrorism. They’re okay with Shariah. They’re okay with lying to and even murdering people simply because they have a different faith.

We desperately do not want to admit this is the case, because once we accept the truth, we’ll be faced with a number of extremely difficult dilemmas.

For example, how do we tell moderate Muslims from the dangerous extremists? Should we in the United States, who pride ourselves on religious freedom, prevent Muslims from emigrating here to keep out the extremists despite the fact that most Muslims are good and decent people? Are we willing to deal with the political, cultural, and international consequences of admitting that to a significant percentage of its followers, Islam is an evil death cult?

Thirteen: people at Fort Hood died because we didn’t have the courage to deal with these difficult questions.

Even now, after those people were murdered, the focus is still on protecting Muslims from everyone else. Gosh, hope nobody gets the wrong idea about Muslims! Hope there isn’t a backlash! Hope nobody thinks anything negative about Islam because of this!

Meanwhile, the bodycount is Muslims 0, everyone else 13.

Again, let me emphasize that most Muslims are not bad people. They don’t hate the rest of us. They’re not evil. They’re just other Americans living their lives and trying to capture their slice of the American dream.

But, we need to stop pretending that there isn’t a vile sickness inside of Islam that causes some people to hate and kill those that they view as “infidels.” We also need to start asking moderate Muslims to show more courage than they have so far about their religion. They know there’s a problem there — and so does everyone else. Even the people who are out there shouting, “This has nothing to do with Islam,” know it’s all about Islam.

Look at how non-protected groups, like Christians and conservatives, are treated when a situation like this occurs. An abortion doctor gets shot and supposedly radical Christianity is out for blood. Some kook does something dumb and listened to a conservative talk radio show once, so Rush Limbaugh is supposed to be personally responsible for the murder. Meanwhile, thousands and thousands of Muslims kill people, specifically in the name of Allah, and suddenly no one can find a pattern.

Nobody believes the lies anymore. Let’s start talking honestly and realistically about this issue instead of sweeping it under the rug. Who knows? We might actually accomplish something. Even if we don’t, at least the body count will probably be a lot smaller than the one we’re creating with our political correctness.

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