‘No More Mosques!’: Crowd Cheers as Town’s Planning Commission Rejects Project

‘No More Mosques!’: Crowd Cheers as Town’s Planning Commission Rejects Project

The residents of Sterling Heights, Michigan just had a huge victory handed to them on the anniversary of 9/11. The crowd cheered as their city planning commission rejected a request to build a huge mosque.


A Michigan city’s planning commission turned down a request to build a mosque last week.

The decision was made on the eve of the 14th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attack on U.S. soil by Islamic extremists.

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An overflow crowd of hundreds chanted “No more mosques!” and “God bless America” outside, after the Sterling Heights City Hall was filled to its 240-seat capacity, according to Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ Channel 7 News.

At issue was the proposed mosque’s size — 20,500 square feet — to be built within a residential area.

WXYZ reported:

Those against the mosque say it would cause too much traffic and congestion. A small group hinted at linking the house of worship to extremism.

Mosque leaders say they offered to revise and downsize the plan, changing the dome and towers, but that didn’t work.

City leaders may not want to come out and openly say that they are worried about extremism, but the residents seem to have no such issues. Like it or not, countless mosques across the country are linked to terrorist activities, and to pretend otherwise is to dig your own grave.

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