Obama Buckles: Iraqi Nun Diana Momeka Allowed to Speak

The Obama Regime attempted to keep Iraqi nun Diana Momeka out of the USA, so that she could not testify before Congress as to what Obama’s beloved Religion of Peaceniks have been doing to Christians in the country from which he prematurely withdrew our troops. But the regime had to back down to avoid another public relations disaster.

No wonder Obama wanted to keep her out. What she has to say does not fit the official Islamophile narrative:

An Iraqi nun who has been displaced by the Islamic State terrorist organization told members of Congress on Wednesday that Christians in Iraq have lost everything, including their own dignity and history, as ISIS continues its quest to completely erase evidence of Christianity’s existence in the region.

Sister Diana Momeka, who was at the center of a recent State Department visa controversy, testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee and said that although it has been nearly a year since ISIS took over most of the Nineveh Plains in northern Iraq, Christian Iraqi citizens are still in dire need of assistance in liberating their lands.

Momeka, who works with the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena, fled from Qaraqosh to the Kurdish-protected north last summer upon ISIS’ rapid takeover of the Mosul region.

Momeka explained in the hearing that she is just one of over 120,000 civilians who left their homes and property behind to flee to Kurdistan to escape from the atrocities committed by the terrorist group.

Although Momeka explained that Christians were the first people group to settle in the Nineveh Plains, she asserted that the only Christians that are left there are the ones that have already been caught by ISIS.

“Why should we leave our country? What have we done? The Christians of Iraq are the first people of the land,” Momeka said. “Uprooted and forcefully displaced, we have realized that ISIS’ plan is to evacuate the land of Christians and wipe the earth clean of any evidence that we existed. This is cultural and human genocide. The only Christians that remain in the Plain of Nineveh are those who are held hostage.”

Although Momeka admitted that Christians in the region have long been persecuted throughout their 2,000-year history, the persecution that Christians in the region are seeing now is the worst Christians have ever seen.

That’s because there is no one to defend them, the world’s dominant power having been taken over from within by Islamic sympathizers whose indifference amounts to treason on a historic scale.

Pointy-headed cowards love to hide behind “nuance.” There is no nuance here. Good and evil have faced off. Choose sides and act accordingly.

Evil is quite real, as Sister Diana Momeka attests.

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