Paypal: Opposing Radical Islam Is Hate Speech?

This week-end, Paypal dropped the hammer on Atlas Shrugs. Here’s Pamela Geller explaining what happened,

The little money that Atlas generates (I have no large donors) is about to be cut off. Apparently the jihad is hard at work trying to kill free speech (and the bus ads and the 911 no mosque movement), preventing the truth from making its way to those in pursuit of it. Paypal contributions help pay for bus ads, rallies, live coverage (everything), and I so much as said so when asked repeatedly by the press who paid for the bus ads. Readers do and did.

Paypal is calling Atlas a “hate” site and will close my account if I do not remove the paypal option from my website. Accurate reporting and news is hate.

Truth is the new hate speech:

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Please email or call paypal and let them know Atlas Shrugs is a news site and political blog. I am not responsible for the bad news in the world. I just report.

Great, another lawsuit. Want to make a contribution to my fight?

Mail a check to Pamela Geller, PO Box 121, 1040 1st Avenue, NY NY 10022. Until I beat those pathetic Paypal p*ssies. Unbelievable.

If you want to send an email directly to the Acceptable Use Policy Department, here is the email address: [email protected] (hat tip Daryl)

…Dear Pamela Geller,

We appreciate the fact that you chose PayPal to send and receive payments
for your transactions.

However, after a recent review of your account, it has been determined that
you are currently in violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy. Under
the Acceptable Use Policy, PayPal may not be used to send or receive
payments for items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance or the
financial exploitation of a crime.

The complete Acceptable Use Policy can be found at the following URL:

To learn more about the Acceptable Use Policy, please refer to our Help
Center page here:

We are hereby notifying you that it has been determined that you are in
violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy regarding payments received
from website:

Pamela also noted that her other websites, Freedom Defense Initiative & Stop Islamization of America, were also affected.

First of all, let me note that none of these websites “promote hate, violence, racial intolerance or the:  financial exploitation of a crime.”:  : Moreover, Pamela Geller may focus much more:  on:  radical Islam than the average conservative, but her views on the subject are well within the conservative mainstream. In fact, Pamela led a panel discussion at CPAC last year. She did a Republican fundraiser in Texas. If she’s running “hate sites,” what conservatives aren’t in Paypal’s view?

Paypal is a private company and they can choose not to allow people to use their service — but, it’s despicable to accuse Pamela of running hate sites to justify their decision because it’s simply not true. So, we have to ask: what’s their real beef with her? Do they just not want conservatives to use their service? Is she too pro-Israel? Are they pulling a Comedy Central? Are they simply afraid some radical Muslim will show up at their office and cut someone’s head off if they dare to work with someone who opposes them? How pathetic would it be if we’ve gotten to a point as a society where you can’t even speak out against putting a mosque on Ground Zero, honor killings, and radical Islam without being accused of hatred yourself?

Whatever Paypal’s reasoning may be,:  its : decision:  is offensive, dumb, unfair, and it shouldn’t stand.

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