PHOTOS: She Helped Sexually Exploit Young Children. Her Excuse? SICKENING

PHOTOS: She Helped Sexually Exploit Young Children. Her Excuse? SICKENING

What a couple of monsters these two are. Nicole Vaisey joined with her boyfriend (possibly husband) Stephen Howells in kidnapping children so they could sexually molest and exploit them. Vaisey is claiming she should not be held to the same standards as her boyfriend. She says she was forced to commit the horrific crimes because she was in a master-slave relationship. A judge called bull crap on that and told her she was just as responsible as her boyfriend for these heinous crimes. Their latest victims were two Amish children, ages 7 and 12. Vaisey is expected to get 300 years for her part in this… her boyfriend is up for 580 years. They deserve much, much worse.


From IJReview:

Nicole Vaisey, who was involved in the kidnapping of two Amish children, is facing some harsh justice.

The 26-year-old teamed up with her boyfriend Stephen Howells and kidnapped the children, aged 6 and 11.


The duo is accused of sexually exploiting the Amish girls, along with 4 other children, and recording the incidents.

However, Vaisey’s legal team has claimed that she shouldn’t face a harsh sentence for the acts, as she was involved in a “master-slave” relationship with her boyfriend.

Her defense also stated that she is “not as culpable as he is.”

The prosecution isn’t buying that excuse, pressing for a lengthy 300-year sentence for the woman, despite her insistence that Howells made her do it.


U.S. attorney Lisa Fletcher dismissed the notion in a sentencing memorandum, according to Daily Mail:

Vaisey was an active and willing participant,” she wrote.

“Her motive is irrelevant. It is certainly no comfort to her victims that Vaisey participated in the crimes against them in an effort to make Howells happy, or in an effort to not lose her boyfriend.”

Her lawyer, Bradford Riendeau, painted Vaisey as a victim, according to a statement transcribed by a Syracuse news website:

“While she continued to work and have regular contact with her family, her secret sexual fetish life with Howells was not disclosed to them,” he wrote.

“She did not think she had a place to go. She did not see herself as having a choice.”

There have also been reports that the dastardly duo had been planning even more abductions, before they were brought to justice.

Howells pleaded guilty to 21 federal charges of child pornography and the sexual exploitation of 6 girls. Prosecutors have pressed for a 580-year sentence for his role in the atrocities.

The duo will be formally sentenced on December 17th.

These two kidnapped and abused six girls. They are stone-cold predators. The girls were at a vegetable stand when they were grabbed. They were held for a day and then were released or escaped. But not before they were molested. The boyfriend was a nurse and the woman was a pet groomer. Neither had a record. They recorded their demonic acts and seem to have a penchant for a whole host of perversions including porn, child rape, bondage, etc. They were actively planning on grabbing more children as well. People like this should be executed for what they do. They are scum and are not capable of changing. Fiends always play the victim card in the end. I’m glad it didn’t work this time.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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