Pop Singer Selena Gomez Removes ‘Offensive’ Instagram Photo Taken at Abu Dabhi Mosque to Appease Muslims

Pop singer and actress Selena Gomez has bowed to pressure from Muslim extremists to remove a photo of herself taken at a Mosque that many called “offensive.” Gomez is on tour in the Muslim country of Abu Dhabi and took a photo of herself visiting the Grand Mosque there. The photos shows her bearing her ankle to the camera. The “sexual” photo so enraged Muslims that Gomez quickly deleted the photo from her Instagram account.

“Mosque visiting rules strictly ban all ‘intimate behavior’ including holding hands and kissing, and states that all skirts must be ankle-length,” according to The Daily Mail report.

As soon as she posted the “offensive” photo, Muslim fans of Gomez began to attack her calling her insensitive, hateful of their religion, and pronounced her disrespectful.

In short order the singer removed the photo from her account. She left up other photos taken inside the Mosque, though, even though some of them were also criticized.

The “Offensive” Photo

Warner Todd Huston

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