Prominent Saudia Arabian Mufti Calls For Destruction Of All Christian Churches On Arabian Peninsula

Prominent Saudia Arabian Mufti Calls For Destruction Of All Christian Churches On Arabian Peninsula

This is the equivalent of Cardinal Dolan calling on Catholics to burn every mosque in America to the ground. Where’s the coverage? Where is the repudiation from the entire moderate Muslim world?

Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah

Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah has once again called for the destruction of all Churches on the Arabian Peninsula.

Bin Abdullah, head of the Ulema Council and the Standing Committee on Fatwas, made this statement after a presentation by the Kuwaiti parliamentarian Osama Al-Munawer of the bill that bans construction of new non-Muslim religious buildings in Kuwait.

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The Mufti stated that, according to Islamic law, all churches in the region must be demolished; i.e., Islam is the only legal religion here. The words of Muhammad that “there cannot be two religions on the Arabian peninsula” the head of the Sunni always interprets in favor of Islam.

Not long ago, owing to the consecration of a Catholic Church in United Arab Emirates, the local Christians expected the opening of negotiations concerning the construction of the first church in Saudi Arabia. At the present time, from 3 to 4 million immigrant Christians work in this Muslim country, according to various sources.

Here in America, we get hysterical because we think some Muslim might get offended because he has to handle packaged ham or let a blind man’s dog ride in his cab, but in the Middle East, there are mainstream Muslims openly calling for the destruction of Christian churches and we say nothing. Where is the Obama Administration on this? Where are the Christian churches in the US? Why isn’t the Pope speaking out? This is evil, immoral behavior and unless good people are willing to stand up against it, it’s not going to change.

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