Public Radio Host Denounces America’s Founders as “a Theocratic Cult of Religious Nuts”

Public Radio Host Denounces America’s Founders as “a Theocratic Cult of Religious Nuts”

Since your taxes help pay for it, you may as well know what is being said about your country on PBS:

When [PBS host Charlie] Rose asked [public radio host Kurt] Andersen what role religion played in America, the author responded that “America is exceptionally religious, has always been exceptionally religious compared to the rest…” That’s when Rose interrupted Andersen to remind him America was “Founded by people who were seeking religious freedom.” To which Andersen corrected him by insulting people of faith and the Founders: “Well that’s one – that’s a charitable way of putting it. Founded also by a theocratic cult of religious nuts.”

Being denounced as “a theocratic cult of religious nuts” on coercively financed government television is a milestone for the Founders on the road to the Memory Hole, down which liberals are currently forcing historical figures like Robert E. Lee.

Rose let the grotesque insult slide by simply responding: “Okay. Right, right.” Andersen then proceeded to depict America’s “religiosity” as being out of step with the rest of the “developed world” and added “once you are, as a culture, more inclined to believe in magic, in the supernatural events….it’s gonna leach out into, into not believing in climate change.”

We all know that the climate constantly fluctuates. By “not believing in climate change,” he presumably refers to doubting that it is caused by humans and that we are all doomed if Big Government doesn’t put a stop to it through increased taxation and centralized control of the economy.

It could be that this useless fool has stumbled onto something. As a vastly superior intellect observed,

“When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”

This explains atheistic liberal nihilists’ tendency to believe in silly crap like white privilege and the global warming hoax.

Kurt Andersen, godless religious nut.

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