Purging Christianity From College Football

For the liberal agenda to succeed, individual conscience must be eliminated, so that only the State and its affiliates determine what is right and wrong. That won’t happen so long as Christianity exists in a meaningful form.

Unfortunately for our liberal rulers, they do not yet have the political leverage to repeal the First Amendment, which explicitly prohibits restrictions on the free exercise of religion. No worries; they simply twist the establishment clause of this same amendment to mean there can be no Christianity where there is government. In a country where government has bloated to the point of crowding out almost everything that is not coercion-based, that is virtually the same as a ban.

For example, colleges are heavily subsidized by the government; therefore, Christianity can be purged from college football teams.

Like environmentalist tyranny, the campaign to eliminate Christianity is often driven by statist attack dogs outside the government proper. Here the Freedom From Religion Foundation launches a jihad against Christianity on the Clemson University football team:

According to a letter of complaint to Clemson, the Freedom From Religion Foundation claims coach Dabo Swinney has violated the separation of church and state by arranging by Bible studies and devotionals, and distributing Bibles and other religious materials to players.

The foundation said it submitted an open records request in February to obtain emails and information from Clemson illustrating the connection between football and religion.

“What we have observed in the records is that the football coaching staff is doing a number of things to promote Christianity to their student-athletes,” foundation staff attorney Patrick Elliott said.

Given some of the prison-worthy extracurricular activities of football players, promoting Christianity among them should be lauded. But it does not advance the liberal agenda.

Graciously, the militant moonbats from FFRF are still willing to permit students to pray for now, but forbid coaching staff to take part in it. They demand the elimination of a chaplain position on the grounds that the chaplain is exerting religious influence on players. They also complain about Bible quotes appearing on a whiteboard, as if they were obscenities that should not be presented in public.

As if oblivious to their own hypocrisy, the FFRF thugs from faraway Wisconsin who demand that a team in South Carolina purge Christianity from its locker room screech that Swinney “creates a culture of religious coercion,” despite there being no mandatory participation in anything religious. That is the objective of liberalism in a nutshell: to create a culture of coercion. Naturally the FFRF et al. use coercive means to achieve it.

dabo swinney
Swinney: Accused of Christianity.

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