She Survived 3 Concentration Camps And A Gas Chamber, Listen to and Heed Her Warning For The Future [Video]

The world has a very short memory. The horror of the Holocaust and the murder of millions should have left a lasting mark on all countries and peoples of the planet – but recently, never again seems to have morphed into never mind. Antisemitism and hatred for Jews is springing up everywhere, including here in America. We have a President who obviously is anti-Israel and loathes Netanyahu. This morning I heard that the Iranians sent a message to Israel that they would retaliate for the killing of one of their officers. That’s nothing new… but they sent it via our diplomats – when did we become the water boys for fascist Iran? Oh yeah, when Obama took office and brought an Iranian Valerie Jarrett along as his consigliere.

Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Krakow, Poland

From Qpolitical:

It was 70 years ago today that one of the fiercest Nazi concentration camps, Auschwitz, in Krakow, Poland was liberated. But one woman has miraculously lived to tell her story of surviving not only Auschwitz, but two other camps and walking out of a gas chamber alive.

Gena Turgel, 90, has had a life that almost is too unbelievable to be true. “When I think back, I have to pinch myself sometimes to see if I’m really alive,” she told NBC News.

She was just 16 years old when her hometown of Krakow was bombed on the first day of WWII on Sept. 1, 1939. Her brothers were killed in the Jewish ghetto fighting the Nazis. It followed that Turgel was sent to the first of three concentration camps she would be subjected to before the war was over. According to NBC’s report:

She then was sent to Plaszow concentration camp where she survived for two-and-a-half years until she was marched to Auschwitz. She survived testing by the infamous Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele.

While at Auschwitz, Turgel was herded naked into a gas chamber with hundreds of others. Somehow, absolutely miraculously—21 years old at the time—walked out alive. She said that she had no idea the Nazis tried to kill her until a woman she knew said, “Don’t you know what has just happened to you? You were in the gas chamber!”

“I completely lost my voice,” she said. “I just never realized I was in the gas chamber … it must not have worked.”

After two months spent at Auschwitz, as the Red Army advanced towards the camp, Turgel was forced with others to walk on a “death march,” first to Buchenwald concentration camp and then to Belsen. At Belsen, Turgel shared a barracks with the famous dying Dutch teenager Anne Frank.

When Belsen was liberated by the British, she showed a handsome young army officer, Norman Turgel, around the makeshift hospital where she worked. Within six months they were married.

Gena Turgel’s story should haunt all of us and remind us how easy it is for the world to look away from evil. It’s being done again as the Islamic Caliphate slaughters thousands via crucifixions and beheadings. Our elites and the politically correct say not to judge – that is just their way. Well, the gas chambers were Hitler’s way too and in the beginning the world let him have his way with genocide. What if that were you or your family? Will we let this horror and these monsters rise again? Turgel’s warning for the future is now our present.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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