Sweden, Where Even The Clergy Aren’t Christian

Sweden, Where Even The Clergy Aren’t Christian

If this story is to be believed, Christianity is so close to dead in Sweden that it should be on life support.

Nearly three-quarters of Sweden’s population of 9.4 million continue to belong to what was long the official state church of this Nordic nation, according to a recent survey. Yet only 15 percent of the members say they believe in Jesus, and an equal percentage do not even believe that God exists.

The survey — conducted over the past year by the Church of Sweden — found, moreover, that only about 400,000 of the roughly 6.6 million church members attend church services at least once a month.

Local clergymen such as Sven Björkborg, who serves several rural parishes southwest of Stockholm, says he is not surprised by the findings of the survey, citing the gradual secularization of Swedish society over the years. Members of the church, he adds, are not required to be believers.

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If you don’t believe in Jesus, you’re not a Christian. Period. If you’re a pastor who thinks that it’s okay for atheists who don’t believe in Jesus to call themselves Christians, then you’re not a Christian either.

The best thing the few real Christians left in Sweden could possibly do would be to tell everyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus, including the pastors, to hit the road, sell their big churches, move into smaller places of worship, bring in some fire-breathing true believers from other countries to help them get back on the right track, and then start rebuilding the church in Sweden.

Better to be a small group of united believers trying to expand the church than a big group of Christians who are forced to throw their “pearls before swine” even in their own church.

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